Things to Do in Machulo Skardu Baltistan
Things to Do in Hushe Valley Baltistan

Machulo is a town which is 115km away from Skardu Airport. Machulo is a town located in Khaplu Ghanche District of Baltistan. The population of Machulo village is 5900 as per the census of 2015. This town is so beautiful and very famous in regards to tourist attractions, architecture, nature and wildlife parks, demographic location, mountains and hidden activities to do. There are fa ew things to do in Machulo Skardu Baltistan which we will discuss in the following.

Machulo La K2 viewpoint Trek | Things to Do in Machulo

Machulo La is the highest hill in Machulo town. The wider scattered hill entertains every tourist. The maximum altitude of this view point is 5071m on dry land. This is a very easy, affordable and spectacular trek to do. It is a dream trek even for those who are curious to see K2 and all other 8000m peaks of Pakistan in a Glance at a 2 days trek. Isn’t it magical that K2 and every 8000m including Nanga Parbat can see in a panoramic view?

There are two basic tent camping nights to spend and the third day is a long descend to Machulo will complete your dream trek to see K2 and all other 8000m peaks of Pakistan. This magical viewpoint covers the entire District Ghanche at a glance. A panoramic view of each and every tourist attraction of the Ghanche District is a nightmare for every tourist who visited the place.

Google Coordination: Machulo La K2 Viewpoint Google Location

Machulo La K2 view point Trek from Visit in Pakistan Treks and Tours Camping Life
Machulo La K2 view point

Khanqah Machulo | Things to Do in Machulo Baltistan

Khanqah Machulo Things to do in Machulo Baltistan
Khanqah Machulo Things to do in Machulo Baltistan

The Khanqah is an Urdu and Balti word used for the grand mosque. This is a unique and traditional architecture Mosque located in centre of the town. It has more than 6000 people. This mosque has constructed approximately 380 years ago. Since then, it has reshaped and extended its construction three times until 2022. The fourth amendment is in progress. The new capacity is assuming around 9000 people. This grand mosque is led by Syed Munir Hussain of Machulo who is the son of the Late Syed Muhammad of Machulo. Syed Muhammad (Mir Wa’ez Machulo) Late has had great influence over the transformation of not only locals but also throughout Baltistan.

Khanqah Machulo has an attractive look due to the inner and outer side architectural construction. Khanqah machulo is very picturesque and beautiful in its unique way of wooden architecture. But, unfortunately, the fourth amendment of its construction has 80% almost concrete. However, the people of Machulo offer their Jumma Prayers, Eids, Mourns and other all religious events that took place here. The terrace and view from the terrace are wonderful to observe. The ancient wooden mastery of artwork can see in the well-designed woods on roofs and walls. On the other hand view from the roof is precious. Taking into account, as like other all mosques everywhere, we don’t entertain non-muslims inside. All Islamic ideology followers and practitioners from all sects hosts and welcome in the mosque.

Channel Walk at Machulo

Machulo is a cultivatable land and agricultural town in the valley of Hushe. This town is irrigated by the mainstream of the town. The mainstream depends on the winter snowfall and irrigation as well. However, spring water is a major source of drinking water for the town. Mainstream flows between the middle of the town till Hushe River. Thus, the channel irrigation system is in practice to cultivate the lands.

There are multiple water channels from the mainstream towards the right and left sides of the towns. The largest water channel is Hrmaq Hrkong which is 6.8km long and the shorter is above 2kms. These water channels are full of wild and fruitful trees. There are mostly apricot and wild trees on the side of the channels. 3 feet walking path and 3 feet water channels are specially constructed for each water channel. These water channels are located at different distances.

These water channels walks give you a great opportunity to meet local people, working styles and traditional agricultural practices. The wild trees have unique flowers in blossoms and different colors in Autumn. So, the apricot variety trees give spectacular views and colors in blossom, summer and Autumn.

The walks can start anywhere and can stop or ended at any point. The more you travel the more you will have a variety of experiences.

Wild and Natural Parks
Things to do in Machulo in Autumn. Photo by Qamar Wazir

Wild and Natural Parks | Things to Do in Machulo Baltistan

The people of Machulo have been striving great effort for giving back to nature. They have created natural lands into spectacular parks for visitors and tourists. They cater for wildlife and preserve their life in those small parks. These Parks are owned by private entities of the town. In other words, farmers have aimed these parks to preserve the lives of wild animals and nature. There are some unexplored and hidden parks from the tourist eyes in the town. Those are the below;

Go Xoq Bagh: This natural wildlife park gives you to experience wild animals, mammals, birds and reptiles along with a variety of wild and fruitful trees. This is located in the extreme top left of the town.

Stanjung Rat: This park has a great view of the town, haldi cones, hushe river and the parks themselves as well. There are versatility of things to see and experience in the park. This park is located in the top middle part of the town.

CharaqChaq Pa: This is located on the extreme top right side of the town. This park has fewer wild trees and cultivatable lands, a spectacular view of the town and different species of birds can be seen.

Things to Do in Hushe Valley Baltistan
Things to do in Machulo in Autumn


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