General Mountaineering Rules and Regulations

Mountain Rules and Regulations

Required Travel information to Pakistan

1. A foreign mountaineering expedition desirous of climbing of peak in Pakistan shall apply on the application form (Annexure A) with one extra copy in the nearest Embassy / Consulate of Pakistan. A copy with a photocopy of the royalty receipt should be sent directly to the Gilgit Baltistan Council Secretariat, Provident Fund Building Zero Point G-7/1, Islamabad.
2. Application forms for allotment of peaks should be accepted by a Pakistani Embassy / Consulate
3. Such application would then be sent by the said Embassy/Consulate immediately to the Tourism Division where they would be processed on a “First-come-First served basis”.
4. Incomplete application forms or such forms as are received either before or after the stipulated dates may not be entertained.
5. If a party is not sure of the composition of the team, it shall apply stating the fact and without attaching particulars of members with the application form. In such cases peaks will be provisionally booked. A formal permission letter shall issue only after particulars at Annexure-B are received in Gilgit Baltistan Council Secretariat, Provident Fund Building Zero Point G-7/1, Islamabad. at least three months in advance of the arrival of the party in Pakistan. If particulars of the new members are not received within the stipulated period and the party arrives in Pakistan, it may delay their departure to the mountains till the clearance of new members is obtained in about a week. Under this procedure, a party shall not leave for Pakistan unless it is in receipt of the formal permission letter. No mountaineer would be a member of more than one expedition during a season.
6. A party shall indicate in order of preference, at least 3-4 peaks so that available peaks could be allotted. A party shall be given permission for more than one 8000-meter peak with special permission by the Joint Secretary Gilgit Baltistan Council Secretariat, Provident Fund Building Zero Point G-7/1, Islamabad..
7. Gilgit Baltistan Council Secretariat shall endeavour to send the mountaineering permit to a party within 60 days of receipt of application form in Tourism Division. Depending on the availability of the peak for the choice period, Tourism Division will send provisional booking of the peak upon receipt of the completed application.
8. Government reserves the right to allot a particular peak through any route to more than one party in the same season.
9. Government has the right to cancel the allotment of a peak at any time without assigning any reason. Amount of royalty deposited shall be refund in such cases.
10. In case, however, a party postpones/cancels its mountaineering plan for its own reasons, it shall so inform the Tourism Division by the quickest possible means. In such a case royalty deposited shall neither be refunded nor it could be carried forward for future mountaineering in Pakistan. Change in the booking period during the same mountaineering season is possible subject to availability being refunded of the peaks/route for the revised date.
Briefing / De-Briefing
11. The expedition upon arrival in Rawalpindi / Islamabad should see the officer concerned in Tourism Division for arranging a meeting with the Liaison Officer and assistance on matters like insurance, purchase of rations and allied matters. After completing these formalities leader of the expedition shall ask for a date of formal briefing. For this purpose he shall give a minimum notice of 24 hours excluding Friday and Holidays. The preparatory work would entail a stay of about four-five days in Islamabad / Rawalpindi.
12. On return from the mountains the leader of the party shall inform the concerned officer in the Tourism Division and obtain a date for debriefing by giving him a minimum notice of 24 hours excluding Friday and holidays.
Note : No party will leave for the mountains without formal briefing or leave the country without formal debriefing.
Liaison Officer (L.O.)
13. A party shall include in the expedition, as its member at least on L.O. to be detailed by the Government of Pakistan.
14. A party shall pay for his food, accommodation, and transport for mountains and back from the reporting date of the expedition in Islamabad till the date the party is debriefed.
15. During the stay of a party at Rawalpindi/Islamabad the L.O. will be given daily allowance at the rate of US$ 30/- per day. The L.O. in a city of Northern Areas (such as Skardu, Gilgit etc.) is to be paid US $ 15/- per day and accommodation. This rate changes yearly. This rate always stated previous year.
16. A L.O. shall carry his personal equipment like any other member of the party.
17. A L.O. shall be consulted on routes and local customs and if desired on matters such as transport, accommodation and rations. If however, a leader disagrees with L.O. he shall give him in writing the reasons for such disagreement.
18. A L.O. shall extend maximum assistance to a party in making purchases etc. He shall, however, not handle any cash nor undertake any financial transactions on behalf of a leader / party.
Kit and Equipment
(I) For Liaison Officer
19. A L.O. shall accompany a party to a maximum height with the consent of the leader or at least stay at the base camp till the party descends and return with the party for debriefing at Islamabad. For this purpose a party shall provide him, free of cost necessary kit and equipment as detailed at Annexure – C in order to enable him to perform his duties without any risk to his person.
20. Kit / equipment for L.O. should be brought to his measurements sent to a party in advance. If a party does not receive measurements before its departure for Pakistan it may bring a standard size kit and equipment. Shirts and Jean trousers may be purchased in Pakistan to avoid size problems.
(ii) For Low Altitude Porters
21. A low altitude porter shall accompany a party up to the base camp (Maximum height 5,500 meters low-altitude). For, this purpose a party shall provide him with standard kit/equipment as detailed at Annexure – D free of cost.
22. In case a low altitude porter is desired by the party to go above 5,500 metres (except passes route) he shall be entitled to kit/equipment and ration as prescribed for high altitude porters at Annexure – E.
23. The cook will be provided the kit / equipment (except climbing tools) of a high altitude porter.
(iii) For High Altitude Porters
24. A party shall arrange to provide, free of cost, standard kit and equipment to a high altitude porter as detailed in Annexure – E in order to enable him to perform his duties.
(IV) For Communication
25. A party shall be equipped with reasonable communication means such as Walkie talkie, Radio / Transistor set, and a high powered transmitter for communication from mountains with district headquarters (optional frequencies allotted are 5201 KHZ, 6996-KHZ, 10282-KHZ, 15951-KHZ and 16411-kHz).
(iv) General
26. Kit/equipment for porters shall be handed over to them in the presence of L.O. prior to the start of caravan.
27. No party shall be allowed to proceed to its destination if the kit/equipment provided by it to L.O. / Porters is found incomplete or sub-standard in quality. Before leaving Rawalpindi / Islamabad a L.O. shall satisfy himself that the kit/equipment is complete and of required standard. Kit and equipment given to L.O. is returnable but, the items of personal use and clothing such as jackets, trousers, shirts, gloves, socks, caps, approach march boots, pull overs, ruck sack and sleeping bag are to be retained by the Liaison Officer.
28. Use of communication system. It will be advisable to carry proper communication system by a party. The L.O. will also be provided appropriate communicational equipment. The obtaining clearance of communication system to be used by the party is indispensable which should be intimated will in time on prescribed form (Annexure-K).
Import / Export of Equipment / Kit
29. Equipment, non-consumable and consumable stores imported by a party into Pakistan shall be subject to the following conditions :
a. Equipment and non-consumable stores will be allowed temporary entry free of customs duty and sales tax leviable there on subject to an undertaking (Annexure-F) being furnished by a leader of the expedition to the effect that the equipment etc. will be re-exported out of Pakistan on completion of the mission and that no part of it will be sold or otherwise disposed of in Pakistan, failing which duty and sales tax leviable thereon will be paid.
b. Consumable stores and medicines will be allowed exemption from customs duty and sales tax subject to the said undertaking (Annexure – F) being furnished by the leader of the expedition to the effect that they will be used for the purpose for which they will be used for the purpose for which they have been imported and will not be sold or otherwise disposed off in Pakistan failing which customs duty and sales tax leviable thereon will be paid. The un-consumed portion will be re-exported out of Pakistan on completion of the mission.
c. Above conditions shall not apply when donation of consumable stores and medicines etc. is made in Pakistan with the prior permission of the Government and for which official receipt will be issued.
30. A party shall send to Tourism Division an application in triplicate as per said Annexure – F along with three copies of the list of equipment. The cost price of all the items shall also be shown on the said list. Tourism Division shall return one copy to the party after affixing signature/seal. Another copy shall be sent to the customs authority at the point of entry who shall clear the equipment when it arrives with a party.
31. If some equipment is to be sent to Pakistan in advance. Tourism Division shall be so informed. In that case one copy of the application at the said Annexure-F along with its enclosures, shall be handed over to a clearing and forwarding agent to be nominated for his purpose by a party. Another copy shall be sent to the customs authority at the point of entry.
32. After clearance of the equipment, the local agency shall have to arrange for its transport, storage and protection till it is handed over to the party on arrival. He shall also pay local octroi duty, if any. He shall be advised to contact a representative of Tourism Division in case of difficulty.


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Mountain list in Pakistan

List of Mountains

Mountain list in Pakistan

S # Mountain Height Range Group District
1 Chogori/K-2 8,611 Karakoram Boltoro Shigar, Skardu
2 Nanga Parbat 8,125 Himalayas Diamer Diamir
3 Gasherbrum No. I/Hidden Peak 8,068 Karakoram Boltoro Shigar, Skardu
4 Falchan Kangri / Broad Peak 8,047 Karakoram Boltoro Shigar, Skardu
5 Gasherbrum No. II 8,035 Karakoram Boltoro Shigar, Skardu
6 Broad Peak Middle/Central 8,016 Karakoram Boltoro Shigar, Skardu
7 Gasherbrum No. III 7,952 Karakoram Boltoro Shigar, Skardu
8 Gasherbrum No.lV 7,925 Karakoram Boltoro Shigar, Skardu
9 Distaghil Sar Main 7,885 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
10 Kunyang Chhish/Main 7,852 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
11 Masherbrum NE/ (K-1) 7,821 Karakoram Hushe Ghanche Skardu
12 Masherbrum 7,806 Karakoram Hushe Ghanche Skardu
13 Rakaposhi 7,788 Karakoram Bagrot Nagar, Gilgit
14 Batura No. I 7,785 Karakoram Batura Mustagh Gilgit
15 Batura II 7,762 Karakoram Batura Mustagh Gilgit
16 Distaghil Sar No. II 7,760 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
17 Kanjut Sar No. I 7,760 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
18 Masherbrum W 7,750 Karakoram Boltoro Shigar, Skardu
19 Saltoro Kangri No. I 7,742 Karakoram Soltoro Ghanche
20 Batura No. II 7,730 Karakoram Batura Mustagh Gilgit
21 Batura III 7,729 Karakoram Batura Mustagh Gilgit
22 Trivor / Peak No. 8 7,720 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
23 Tirich Mir (Main) 7,708 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
24 Saltoro Kangri II 7,706 Karakoram Saltoro Ghanche
25 Saltoro Gang R1 N 7,705 Karakoram Saltoro Ghanche
26 Distaghil Sar (E) 7,700 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
27 Tirich Mir (East) 7,692 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
28 Saser Kangri I 7,672 Karakoram Siachen (disputed) Ghanche
29 Chogolisa No. I SW/E 7,665 Karakoram Boltoro Shigar, Skardu
30 Chogolisa No. II/NE 7,654 Karakoram Boltoro Shigar, Skardu
31 Yukshin Garden Sar 7,641 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
32 Kunyang Chhich(S) 7,620 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
33 Shispare 7,611 Karakoram Batura Mustagh Gilgit
34 Batura IV 7,594 Karakoram Batura Mustagh Gilgit
35 Broad Peak (N) 7,550 Karakoram Boltoro Shigar, Skardu
36 Skyang Kangri No.I 7,544 Karakoram Boltoro Shigar, Skardu
37 Batura V 7,531 Karakoram Batura Mustagh Gilgit
38 Yakshin Gardaan No. I 7,530 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
39 Mamostong Kangri 7,516 Karakoram Soltoro Ghanche
40 Saser Kangri E 7,513 Karakoram Siachen (disputed) Ghanche
41 Tirich Mir (West II) 7,500 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
42 Skyang Kangri No. II 7,500 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
43 Kunyang Chhish (W) 7,500 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
44 Saser Kangri II W 7,500 Karakoram Siachen (disputed) Ghanche
45 Saser kangri III 7,495 Karakoram Siachen (disputed) Ghanche
46 Pumari Chhish (W) 7,492 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
47 Tirich Mir (West I) 7,487 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
48 Pasu Massive M 7,478 Karakoram Batura Mustagh Gilgit
49 K-12 7,469 Karakoram Soltoro Ghanche
50 Teram kangri 1 7,463 Karakoram Siachen (disputed) Ghanche
51 Malubiting (W)_ 7,453 Karakoram Haramosh Gilgit
52 Muchu Chhish 7,453 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
53 Pumari Chhish (N) 7,440 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
54 Yazghil Dome (S) 7,440 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
55 Sia Kangri No I / N 7,422 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
56 Haramosh No. I 7,409 Karakoram Haramosh Gilgit
57 Teram Kangri II 7,406 Karakoram Siachen (disputed) Ghanche
58 Istro-Nal (Main) 7,403 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
59 Tirich Mir (West III) 7,400 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
60 Kunyang Chhish (E) 7,400 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
61 Pumari Chhish (S) 7,400 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
62 Yazghil Dome (N) 7,400 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
63 Ultar No. I 7,388 Karakoram Batura Mustagh Gilgit
64 Rimo (S) No. I Peak 51 7,385 Karakoram Siachen (disputed) Ghanche
65 Teram Kangri III 7,382 Karakoram Siachen (disputed) Ghanche
66 Sherpi Kangri I Main 7,380 Karakoram Soltoro Ghanche
67 Istro-Nal (North I) 7,373 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
68 Rimo (S) No. II P-50 7,373 Karakoram Siachen (disputed) Ghanche
69 Istro-Nal (North II) 7,372 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
70 Sherpi Kangri No. II 7,370 Karakoram Soltoro Ghanche
71 Istro-Nal (North III) 7,365 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
72 Skil Brum 7,360 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
73 Skyang Kangri M 7,357 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
74 Karun Kuh 7,350 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
75 Kunyang Chhish W 7,350 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
76 Pumari Chhish S 7,350 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
77 Saragharar (Main) 7,349 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
78 Skyang Kangri W 7,345 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
79 Momhil Sar / Peak – 7 7,343 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
80 Ghent (N) 7,342 Karakoram Batura Muztagh Gilgit
81 Saraghrar (Central) 7,330 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
82 Yutmaru Sar (S) 7,330 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
83 Bojohagur Duanasir 7,329 Karakoram Batura Mustagh Gilgit
84 Sia Kangri No II/E 7,325 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
85 Yazghil Domes S 7,324 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
86 Gasherbrum No. V 7,321 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
87 Kunyang Chhish (SE) 7,320 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
88 Malanghutti 7,320 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
89 Baltoro Kangri No. I 7,312 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
90 Ultar No. II 7,310 Karakoram Batura Mustagh Gilgit
91 Saragharar (S) 7,307 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
92 Istro-Nal (South) 7,303 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
93 Saraghrar (NW) 7,300 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
94 Istro-Nal (West I) 7,300 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
95 Urdok No. I 7,300 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
96 Baltoro Kangri No. III 7,300 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
97 Malubiting (NW) 7,300 Karakoram Haramosh Gilgitt
98 Yazghil Domes N 7,300 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
99 Sherpi Kangri No. III 7,300 Karakoram Siachen (disputed) Ghanche
100 Teram kangri IV 7,300 Karakoram Siachen (disputed) Ghanche
101 Malubiting Central 7,291 Karakoram Haramosh Gilgit
102 Rakapohsi (E) 7,290 Karakoram Bagrot Gilgit
103 Savoia Kangri 7,286 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
104 Baintha Brakk/Ogre 7,285 Karakoram Panmah Skardu
105 Passu/Peak No. 55 7,284 Karakoram Batura Mustagh Gilgit
106 Pasu Massiv E 7,284 Karakoram Batura Muztagh Gilgit
107 K-6 7,282 Karakoram Siachen (disputed) Ghanche
108 Istro-Nal (West II) 7,280 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
109 Baltoro Kangri No. III 7,280 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
110 Istro-Nal (Northwest) 7,276 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
111 Golden Throne SE 7,275 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
112 Golden Throne NW 7,274 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
113 Diran /Minapin 7,273 Karakoram Bagrot Gilgit
114 Mustagh Tower (E) 7,273 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
115 Sia Kangri No. IV/Central 7,273 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
116 Mustagh Tower (W) 7,270 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
117 Golden Throne NE 7,270 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
118 Golden Throne SE 7,265 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
119 Summari 7,263 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
120 Baltoro kangri No. V 7,260 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
121 Baltoro Kangri No. IV 7,254 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
122 Saraghrar (SW-I) 7,250 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
123 Apsarasas-1 7,245 Karakoram Siachen (disputed) Ghanche
124 Apsarasas II 7,239 Karakoram Siachen (disputed) Ghanche
125 Apsarasas III E 7,236 Karakoram Siachen (disputed) Ghanche
126 Rimo No. II P-49 7,233 Karakoram Siachen (disputed) Ghanche
127 Apsarasas IV 7,227 Karakoram Siachen (disputed) Ghanche
128 Saraghrar (SE-I) 7,208 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
129 Mt. Rose/Singhi Kan 7,202 Karakoram Siachen (disputed) Ghanche
130 Saraghrar (SW-II) 7,200 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
131 Istro-Nal (X) 7,200 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
132 Urdok Kangri I 7,200 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
133 Malubiting LC 7,200 Karakoram Haramosh Gilgit
134 Bularang Sar 7,200 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
135 Lupghar Sar (E) 7,200 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
136 Lugpahur Sar MD 7,200 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
137 Apsarasas V 7,187 Karakoram Siachen (disputed) Ghanche
138 Apsarasas III E 7,184 Karakoram Siachen (disputed) Ghanche
139 Apsarasas III W 7,181 Karakoram Siachen (disputed) Ghanche
140 Mustagh Tower (NW) 7,180 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
141 Rimo No. III 7,169 Karakoram Siachen (disputed) Ghanche
142 Kampir Dior 7,168 Karakoram Batura Muztagh Gilgit
143 Karun Koh 7,164 Karakoram Khunjerab Gilgit
144 Hachindar Chish 7,163 Karakoram Batura Mustagh Gilgit
145 Yermanenbu Kangri 7,163 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
146 Un-Named/Masherbrum 7,163 Karakoram Siachen (disputed) Ghanche
147 Un-Named 7,150 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
148 Depak 7,150 Karakoram Siachen (disputed) Ghanche
149 Latok No. I 7,145 Karakoram Panmah Skardu
150 Kampir Dior 7,143 Karakoram Batura Mustagh Gilgit
151 Gasherbrum V 7,133 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
152 Shakawar 7,125 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
153 Apsarasas (S) 7,117 Karakoram Siachen (disputed) Ghanche
154 Koh-I-Nadir Shah 7,116 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
155 Udren Zom (N) 7,108 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
156 Kunyang Chhish (N) 7,108 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
157 Langar (Main) 7,100 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
158 Saraghrar (SS) 7,100 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
159 Ghenta 7,100 Karakoram Batura Mustagh Gilgit
160 Sia shish 7,100 Karakoram Batura Mustagh Gilgit
161 Lupghar II / Central 7,100 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
162 Yakshin Gardaan No. I 7,100 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
163 Sherpi Kangri 7,100 Karakoram Siachen (disputed) Ghanche
164 Ghenta 7,090 Karakoram Batura Muztagh Gilgit
165 Urdok No. II 7,082 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
166 Mandu Pk 7,081 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
167 Udren Zom (Central) 7,080 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
168 Chogolisa Kangri I 7,071 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
169 Langar (SE) 7,061 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
170 Pyramid/Thyor 7,058 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
171 Udren Zom (S) 7,050 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
172 Link Sar 7,041 Karakoram Siachen (disputed) Ghanche
173 Saraghrar (N) 7,040 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
174 Spantik/Ghenish Chish 7,027 Karakoram Haramosh Skardu
175 Akber Chioh/Akher 7,020 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
176 Chogolisa Kangri II 7,014 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
177 Rakaposhi (E) 7,010 Karakoram Bagrot Gilgit
178 Malubiting (E) 7,010 Karakoram Haramosh Gilgit
179 Gasherbrum No. VI 7,004 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
180 Sangemer Mar 7,000 Karakoram Batura Muztagh Gilgit
181 Un-Named 7,000 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
182 Lupghar Sar III (E) 7,000 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
183 Chogolisa(W)/Prupoo 7,000 Karakoram Siachen (disputed) Ghanche
184 Ghent III 7,000 Karakoram Siachen (disputed) Ghanche
185 Kaberi Peak 7,000 Karakoram Siachen (disputed) Ghanche
186 Apsarasas(E)/Un-Named 7,000 Karakoram Siachen (disputed) Ghanche

Royalty Fee for Peaks in Pakistan

Royalty Fee for Peaks in Pakistan

Pakistan Mountain Royalty Fee for the last Year (Amount in USD $)

S.No Height Of Mountain Up To 7 Member Team Each Additional Member
1. K-2 (8611-M) USD $ 7,200 USD $ 1,200
2. 8001 – 8500-M USD $ 5,400 USD $ 900
3. 7501 – 8000-M USD $ 2,400 USD $ 300
4. 7001 – 7500-M USD $ 1,500 USD $ 180
5 6501 – 7000-M USD $ 900 USD $ 120


Mountain Royalty fee in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan

Royalty Fee Rates:

Royalty Fee Rates 

(Rules and Regulation Edition – 1999)

Ministry of Tourism reduced royalty fee rates from time to time since 2002 in order to overcome the negative effects of 9/11 2001 incident and to promote adventure tourism in Pakistan. It is still being continued with the Existing 40% Discounted Fee


S.No Height of mountain Royalty fee, 7 Member Each Additional Member S.No Height of mountain Royalty fee Each Additional Member
1 K2 – 8611m $ 12000 $ 3000 1 K2 – 8611m $ 7200 $ 1200
2 8001 – 8500m $ 9,500 $ 3000 2 8001 – 8500m $ 5400 $ 900
3 7501 – 8000m $ 4000 $ 1000 3 7501 – 8000m $ 2400 $ 300
4 7001 – 7500m $ 2500 $ 500 4 7001 – 7500m $ 1500 $ 180
5 6501 – 7000m $ 1500 $ 300 5 6501 – 7000m $ 900 $ 120

(Note) Trekking and Mountain Royalty fees Pakistan are set by Government Of Pakistan at the beginning of every year.



We suggest to reserve each of your trip at least 6 months earlier. However, Expeditions suggested to plan 6-8 months earlier. Trekking destinations suggested to be fixed within 6 months. But, it is not to worry about timing so earlier. We would suggest to avoid hustle and to have a better plan. However, one-month earlier reservation is even smoother for you.


We have Simple, Easy and Secure way of reservation for you. Once every member of your group finalize departure and arrival dates, will be best time to contact with us. You can send us e- mail on or WhatsApp us on +92-3408864460

Once you get in touch and finalize your plan its time to reserve your placement for Pakistan desired destination tours. We have secure payment options for your convenience. You can send us payment via bank, National identity card, online transfers on below given details.


Each year Pakistan is getting attraction of worldwide travellers, mountaineers, adventurous enthusiasts. The peak seasons have high possibility of cancelation of your desired dreamed tours. It is just to confirm your tour as first come first serve basis. On the other hand, reservation in advance is
secure for your traveling and availability of our best services.


Method ---Terms----- Refund Policy---


Please read the terms & condition carefully. This term and condition contains with all necessary information such like booking method, cancellation terms, payment policy I.E. once you agreed to travel with Visitin Pakistan Tours, you/team shall bond for further changes. We highly recommended that you must read and understand it carefully, before declaration of booking any packages.  The Booking Terms and Conditions constitutes a legally requirement contract between you/party who willing to get services from visitin Pakistan tours. Thus the details are listed below:

IBN PK19NBPA0486003154714483
  • For booking and documentation process we require your passport copy and one passport size photograph, please provide by email to our office.
  • You must complete the booking forms under signature by each participant on arrival to Pakistan.

No permission is required to visit in Pakistan including Gilgit baltistan and Azad Kashmir.

Remarks: Once we get climbing/trekking permit, then no any refund will be made by Gilgit Baltistan Council in Islamabad.


Better working conditions and basic human rights of the porters and staffs.

Providing more facilities for staff and improving its staff’s skills & working conditions, a safe working environment and reasonable salary and daily wages are guaranteed.

In order to carry out our commitment for improving the livelihood of the poor,  VIP will give a portion of its profits to support social projects, in particular helping poor , Orphans, widow & lower cast children to go schools is one of our main targets.

It is always our pleasure to provide the best service for our clients. Besides our team is just like a big family, we are very much concerned about working staff as a team. Please feel free to contact us for any information regarding travel in Pakistan.

VIP  will not able to take responsibility in changes of alternation itinerary due to road block, natural disasters, delay arrival, flight cancellation, landslides, floods, political-unrest, sickness. Any extra cost due to quoted reason, we shall request to clients to borne the normal amount on the spot.

VIP  while undertaking transportation, accommodation, and other all services as per given list. In other way if flight cancelation/ delays, accident, damages, loss or inconvenience caused in connection no responsibility is undertaken for any change or deviation because of factors beyond our control.

Remarks: VIP  will help you, to get obtaining Pakistan tourist visa, also you can apply for visa on arrival in this respect we will send you invitation letter and hotel reservation letter.

  2. Its requested to all of individual participants / team leader must deposit of 50% non refundable advance money from the total project amount.
  3. The rest of amount must be paid on arrival in Pakistan.

Remarks: The advance amount we require for confirmation, all reservations and preparation of trip.


VIP reserves the right to deduct: in respect of hotel reservation, conformation of airline ticket, compile of documentation, and other further necessary work which are being done before the arrival of clients.

A Notice of cancellation shall be send by client in writing and refund procedure will be made as follows:

  • Cancellation before 90 days of the trip, 30% cancellation will be charged. Clients must be paid the bank transfer charges.
  • Other than this date/days your 50% advance payment will not able to claim as refund amount.

Note:- Anyone deciding to abandon the trip after arrival or leave during the trip due to health or for whatever reason(s) whether the clients own or external (of the nature of force mature) will not be eligible for any refund. This also applies in case the entire group completes/abandons the trip and decides to return earlier than the agreed time schedule.


The climbers/ trekker should aware that the entire trip certain risks and dangers it may occur. The challenges contain hazards in mountaineering, accident or illness in remote places and without medical facilities. The traveler of nature agrees to assume all associated risks with the journey and also shall agrees that the company no liability undertaken or its outfitters.


It is a strongly recommend  that while booking treks and tours with us that travelers/trekkers must be protected by insurance themselves that covers cancellation, accidents, health, emergency evacuation, and loss of items, theft of or damage to baggage and personal effects.


Once you are collecting any details information regarding your trip from us. Where shall contain certain things. It is strongly requested to you that not disclosed for any other purposes please.

No private or personal information that you supply to us when making a booking will not be disclosed for any other purposes.


If you have any concerns or complaints about the trip, you must inform the tour leader or guide at the earliest opportunity to allow them to correct the situation.  Any other complaints can be made to us via email or telephone.


On our trekking and tour packages, rooms or tents are provided in twin sharing basis.  Single room supplement charges will be imposed to clients who do not have another tour participant to share room / tent with.


We reserve the right to revise the pricing rates disclosed to you, under such circumstances that are deemed necessary, or for reasons out of our control, for example, changes in exchange rates, governmental actions, permit fees etc.


If Visit in Pakistan cancels your trip due to unforeseen circumstances like, natural disasters, conflict, unfavorable climate etc., we would be happy to refer you to an alternative trip of a similar standard.  If this does not suite for your personal interest, all monies paid by you to our company will be refunded, minus costs.  However, any other expenses incurred by you because of this booking are entirely your responsibility.


A tour/trek guide who represents VIP will have full authority during your trip.  The guide will make decisions about the trip based upon your safety and the safety of the group.  If you commit any unlawful act, you are compelled to leave the tour immediately and no refund will be made in such a case.  An unlawful act is defined as anything that would be deemed illegal in the Pakistan Tourism.


We will do our best effort to ensure you are comfortable during the trip, but many of these locations flight cancellation, roads block i.e., Weather is such factor that may directly affects your trip, therefore we ask for your patience in such matters please.


The expedition/ trekking team must have to paid in cash U$D 15000/- for emergency aviation  in Islamabad. The amount is refundable after deduction of service charge U$D 300/- for more details click the website






Pakistan has blessed variety of seasons throughout the year to experience every nature of adventure, tour and excursion. However, the following information would facilitate your planning.

The northern part of Pakistan is blessed with mesmerizing beauty of Apricot cherry blossom season. The beautiful flowers of apricot trees and spring season welcome you to the magnificent valleys of Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral. Your Jeep safari, Photography, Rafting, Bird watching and day long trekking or hiking most relevant season during March to May each year.

All traveling enthusiasts, mountaineers, trekkers, photographers, adventure lovers and hikers have best option during these three months. Every basecamp has opened, routes are suitable to hike, trek, and enjoy. 99% mountaineers travel to Pakistan during these three months to make their dreams true. The high altitude trekking suggested to be practice in your home countries by attending Gyms, cycling, daily basis running and hiking. Your trekking stamina, Mountaineering sprit and trainings are more feasible working atmosphere during these months.


This season is the best season to observe northern Part of Pakistan for Autumn colour. Every tree have various color and mountains have lighter snow and the enchanting beautiful look of the valleys like Gilgit Baltistan, Hunza, Skardu and Chitral. However, apart from Autumn this season is best for jeep safaris, traveling and day long hiking, trekking and photography tours.

These three months in Pakistan called winter season. There are some groups who are trying to accomplish their dreams and aims to summit Karakorum, Himalaya and Hindukush during winter. The cultural tours in all over Pakistan is highly recommended during these three months to avoid high temperature.