Things to do in Hushe Valley Baltistan
Things to Do in Hushe Valley Baltistan

Baltistan division has four districts and Ghanche is located at 100km 2 hrs drive distance from Skardu International Airport. Hushe Valley is one of the most beautiful valley of Ghanche District. This valley consist of eight different beautiful communities. Also, the northern valley connect Khaplu Ghanche District via Saling RCC bridge. Because, 15 minuets drive from Khaplu will reach to the beautiful RCC Bridge Saling. There you starts the mesmerizing landscapes journey of Hushe Valley. We have multiple activities to do in Hushe Valley. We start Things to do in Hushe Valley Baltistan with the list from Saling village.

Things to do in Hushe Valley Baltistan
Saling Suspension Bridge
Saling Suspension Bridge. Kamal’s Photography

Things to Do in Saling Hushe Valley Baltistan

Saling is the first village of Hushe valley. This village has various things to do in the town. The magnificent fish farms are worthy to visit. There are camping opportunity and stay & dine options also available at very reasonable prices. The village know for its beautiful Cricket Ground. Because, Saling Cricket Stadium is the only stadium in Baltistan where regional, divisional, district level tournaments organized. Also, there you can do swimming, boating and river rafting activities along with horse riding.

Saling is famous for fruit production particularly for Apple, Apricot, grapes and Cherry. This village is has a government stablished and administered forest where Autumn Photography, wild animal and bird watching activities are easy to do. This is also called city park. They have specified a corner for excursion for kids and families with birds, fish, and also game area for kids.

Things to do in Machulo Hushe Valley Baltistan

Next village of Hushe valley is the beautiful Machulo. 20 minuets drive from Saling towards north reach to Machulo. Machulo is the most populated town in the valley. It has more than 5400 population with almost equal ratio of gender. This village has magnificent activities to do during your stay.


The ancient architectural grand Mosque of Machulo (Khanqah) is located in mid of the town. The houses settlement is very ancient and depicting the Tibetan era. Because, the house settlement surrounded to the grand mosque and it gives a perfect frame with mountains of Haldi in the background. This is not only for a season but throughout the year in each season photography is perfect.

Machulo in Autumn, Summer and Blossom

Channel Walk in Machulo

Machulo is an agricultural land but having sacricity of water. The people managed and inspired from ancient Egyptian water canal for irrigation. They have build numerous water channels for the main water stream of the town. There are 12 major and longest water channels and numerous other small ones also in use to irrigate. The longest is Hrmaq Hrkong water channel by having 3km. This channel walk is pretty awesome. You will have ancient animal shepherds, cultivatable and also barren lands, fruit and wild trees. flowers, interactions with local community farmers, Sea Buckthorns, wild grasses and animals.

The rest are also pretty good to experience. The views, local community interactions and experience local cultures, community schools and farmers farming can be entertain during the Channel Walk in Machulo. So, the most famous Channel walks are start from Baqdurpi upper section called “Sarfagon e Hrka) Sarfagon water channel. Because, this connects to the next (left side) side of the town via Khadi Water Channel. This get ends at Ashurpi hamlet. There your jeeps are ready to drive you down to your destinations. Also, these channel walks are open throughout the year with marvelous views, different seasons taste and magnificent cultural activities to experience. So, we would like to recommend these channel walks in the Things to Do in Hushe Valley Baltistan list. Your 1 hour walk gives you back more than 200km drive.

Machulo La K2 view Point Trek

A panoramic view of Shyok river and mountains from Machulo La.
View from Machulo La K2 view point

Machulo is a base to do this trek. Machulo La means the Top of Machulo hills. This trek is no more than a miracle for mountain lovers. Though, You can’t believe it how much this trek is excited, beautiful and marvellous. But, I would keep Machulo La K2 view point Trek in the top list of Things to Do in Hushe Valley Baltistan.

Machulo La K2 view point Trek is “Shortest”, “Easiest”, “Economical” and also most “Interesting”. Because, the view point gives you 360 panoramic open and wide view of K2, Nanga Parbat, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum I,II and IV, Masherbrum and entire District Ghanche towns. The view of nameless mountains are countless. The trek distance is only 1 day for pro trekkers, 2 nights camping for everyone. The highest altitude of the view point is 5071m. You can find the google coordination is here.

Kw views from Machulo La K2 view point.
Things to Do in Hushe Valley Baltistan
Machulo La K2 view point

Rock Curving

Machulo town has couple of places where you can see ancient Rock Curving. There are small and big stones in the right top side of the town.

Masherbrum View Point

The town has three different but each and every place is outstanding to see Masherbrum. The first is Bongri Hamlet. This is located at lowest part of the town. Also, there you can see Mashrbrum, Haldi cones, Ghursay, Shyok River, Hushe and Siachen River views. The 2nd view point of Masherbrum is Baqdurpi village anme is “Zgang “. The third is Bongthang. This is located near to High school Machulo. There is a mobile signal tower and this is also the best view point of Masherbrum, Haldi cones, Talis, Balaygond villages, Haldi village, Shiyok, and Siachen Rivers and beautiful landscapes of Machulo La.

This Road connects Machulo village from Khaplu District towards North. A beautiful view in Cloudy Summer.
Things to Do in Khaplu Ghanche Baltistan

Things to Do in Talis Baltistan

Talis is the next village to Machulo. This village has affected badly twice with floods. The firs one carried away 13 precious human lives with it. However, both times floods did a huge destruction in the village. There are multiple things to do in village. The village is known for Walnut fruit and it’s dry fruit. Walnut oil and it’s recipe for local food is also a must to taste food item. This village is beautiful for Autumn photography and experience local community initiatives.

Things to Do in Balygond and Marzigond Villages

Balaygond and Marzigond are two different small villages of the valley. Both are segregated by Hushe River as Balygond at right and in Left Marzigond village situated. Also, these villages has ancient architecture lifestyle houses, Mosques and shrines. Both villages has beautiful landscapes for photography. These villages have one hydel power stations in each village. Also, these hydel power stations are the source of energy to maximum communities of the District Ghanche. Balaygond connects Hushe valley via its beautiful suspension bridge.

Balaygond Suspension Bridge view with Sunset in Winter season.

Things to Do in Khaney and Kanday Baltistan

Once we crossed Marzigond village, we see another view point of Masherbrum. This one is the best ever and perfect view point of Masherbrum. This place is after Marzigond and Before Khaney Village. It is called Kunday.

Khaney village is famous for it’s beautiful rocks. The interesting point is these rocks are nameless. There are also hundreds of Rocks and Mountains which are yet to explore and discover. The lush green pasture, wild animals, Himalayan Ibex, local shepherdess and also wild trees are magnificent things to do in Khaney Baltistan.

Ariel view of Machulo in Autumn. Top in the list to Things to Do in Hushe Valley Baltistan.
Things to do in Machulo in Autumn

Kanday village is divided into two settelments due to floods erosion. The new Kanday is a gateway to Nangma Valley. The Nangma valley has marvelous Amin Braq, Iqbal Top and beautiful mountains. The local shepherds, local pastures, wild animals and wild trees are beautiful to see and experience.

Things to Do in Hushe Village Baltistan

Hushe is the last human settlement in Baltistan which connects the mighty K2 via Gondogoro La. This village has multiples things to do. Two days trek to Humbroq is one of the famous things to do in Hushe. We can see K2 from Humbroq. Also, Masherbrum is just 5 hours trek away from the village. The mighty K6-7 are a worth trekking venues from the village. it is possible in only two to three days. We can’t forget to count Laila Peak beautiful mountain. The Charakusa Valley trek is also famous things to do in the valley of Hushe. Hushe which connects Gondogoro to Shigar where trekkers crosses after long trek to K2 base camp. They love to reach Hushe by spending only one day from Ali camp to reach Hushe rather than spending 7 days down from Shigar to Skardu.

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