Pakistan and FIFA World Cup 2022

FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) 2022 is playing in Qatar. This world cup is ever most expensive Football world cup in the history of FIFA. Qatar won the bid of FIFA world cup 2022 hosting. This was decide on 2nd of December, 2010. Since then the Qataris settle the table and fix heads together. Pakistan and FIFA World Cup 2022 article has a very interesting story to know. Qatar is the first ever Arab country to host such a mega event particularly FIFA world cup 2022. Though, Pakistan hasn’t qualified for FIFA ever but Pakistan has the core connection with FIFA and LALIGA Santander, COPA de America and other magnificent leagues.

This short article will let you know some interesting facts about Pakistan and FIFA World Cup 2022. Pakistan was one of the tourist hub before 9/11 incident at Pentagon and World Trade center. The tourism industry almost ruined due to insecurity and fear around. This caused, Pakistan leadership to think dynamically and have to overcome this dilemma. Former Prime minister Imran Khan got success almost in reshaping Tourism industry by enabling pure security to the tourists who comes to visit in Pakistan from around the world.

These All process taught Pakistan administration a lot. The result was showing clearly that Pakistan is now peaceful and stable country to perform international events like Cricket, Hockey, Tennis and so on. The key role in these all peace process were from security forces of Pakistan Army. They learned, defeated terrorism in Pakistan and gave full length security to the nation.

Pakistan and FIFA in a Frame

Pakistan and FIFA world Cup 2022
Pakistan and FIFA world Cup 2022 (Google source)

The continuous struggle in enabling security and peace to the world, Pakistan Army won trust of confidence and also capability of Qatar mega Event organizers. Pakistan security forces has hired for the security of Qatar FIFA world cup 2022 in Doha. In this regard a high level meeting also has finalized and agreed between Qatar and Pakistan. Pakistan will provide security to FIFA mega event “World Cup 2022” in Doha with it’s 4500 specialize troops also.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar signed Pakistan to conduct peaceful environment

FIFA Football and Pakistan Role

It is really sad moment for Pakistani football fan to write here that Pakistan never ever qualified for world cup of FIFA till now. However, Pakistan has numerous number of Football fans from Karachi to Skardu. The people in Pakistan Loves and huge fan of football players. The list is so long to write her but Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese national, Lionel Messi, the Argentine national, Neymar, the Brazilian rising star, Muhammed Salah, the Egyptian super star and so on.

The story is quiet interesting as Pakistan has never played FIFA World Cup but Pakistan product played. “Made in Pakistan” Footballs are famous world wide. FIFA has been using Pakistan based made Footballs. This year in Qatar Doha, Pakistan made football is again using.

One of Pakistan’s Sports City Sialkot is famous to produce Footballs. This city has numerous international dealers and vendors to deliver Footballs. One of a brand in collaboration with Adidas produces 750,000 balls per month for global brands. Sialkot city of Pakistan produces 70% footballs for the world. Sialkot known as the soccer ball (Football) manufacturing capital of the world.

Conclusion of Pakistan and FIFA world Cup 2022

Pakistan has vital contribution in FIFA mega event World Cups since decades. This country is vital in FIFA world Cup 2022 in Qatar Doha for providing peaceful event by providing descent security. Pakistan made Footballs are worldwide famous and 70% of Football (Soccer Ball) production are from Sialkot Pakistan. If you have interest to see Pakistan, Sialkot Football manufacturing factories, and culture of Pakistan, then you are welcome to Pakistan.

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By the way, who will win the Qatar FIFA world cup 2022?

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