Beginners Trekking Tips & Tricks
Beginners Trekking Tips & Tricks

I am writing this guide for starters of with some useful information. It is to ease your decision how to start traveling. This “Beginners Trekking Tips & Tricks” guide blog will be as complete guide and solve all your questions regarding trekking.


Visit in Pakistan Treks & Tours each year organizes various sort of trekking & hiking trips. We are trying our best to educate travelers from around the world. We write these information from practical trekking fields. The more authentic, practical and accurate information the more easier to decide, prepare and accomplish your trekking ideas. This easy Trekking ideas & hacks with complete guide blog post will be enriching content for starters and professional trekkers.

Starters’ Trekking Phases with ideas & hacks

It is very important to know trekking’s phases for beginners. Visit in Pakistan Treks & Tours shaped here a very easy trekking phases to start your trekking today. Your question will have more clearer answer after describing this beginner guide.

Idea: You are excited to go to such a place far away from home where you could hike, walk, run, sleep, experience elevation, night camping, walking over snow and much more. That’s sparking of dream and excitement allow you to get idea to do trekking.

Planning: You are excited and dreaming to go for trekking. I will tell you precisely about planning. This beginner guide for trekking enables you to plan better.

Example of a plan is here. Click Here

Plan of your itinerary and details like where to travel, where to stop, what are the places to see, which day you will end your trekking. That can be find above link.


Calculate your approximate budgeting for trekking. This phase you need to be very careful. I would recommend to recheck your credit cards and active accounts having sufficient backup amounts. Always keep 40% of total budget in cash with you. Keep that cash in two parts. A part of that cash should be in your own country’s currency. It is to give rewards, tips and recognition. These may be your guide, cook, porter, helper , driver etc. It is very grateful moment to reward people in your own country’s currency.

2nd part of cash should change from your currency to the traveling country’s currency. Suppose you are traveling from United states to Pakistan. You should bring a part in USD, 2nd part of cash should change into Pakistani rupee from any money changing agency. This part will be able to spend easily in buying goods and paying gift items for your beloved ones.

Book your Trekking

It is very important to know where and where you are traveling. Countries like Pakistan, Nepal and India are tourist hub for trekking. There are plenty of trekking routes. There are many routes of trekking around the globe as well. If you are going to experience trekking to K2 and similar mountains, this topic is feasible for you.

Search a trekking offering travel agency in the country where you want to go for trekking. Suppose you want to go for K2 base camp Trek in Pakistan.

Search and you may find like Visit in Pakistan Treks & Tours. Go to their website and check are they offering K2 basecamp trekking. Yes they are offering K2 base camp trekking. Click and get details. There are booking options or contact us option. Contact them via whatsApp or email or call to book your trekking.

Apply for Visa | Guide for beginners Trekking Tips & Tricks

Apply trekking visa. You need invitation letter from the travel agency and their agency details for your visa application. You can apply for Pakistan visa online from your home. Isn’t it easy and time saving ? You can find e visa online link here for Pakistan. Click here to apply online visa

Preparation: Trekking goods and stuff need to prepare. That you can find below the post.

Book your Tickets: After Visa application, book your international air tickets.

Get Contact: Fix your departure date. Book your trek. Book your air tickets. Contact with your guide. Reach at Airport and get meet with your guide. Rest he will lead.

Beginners Trekking Tips & Tricks | Explained

Let’s start here. It is very easy to do trek with these tips. It is useful and information from the fields of high and easy trekking routes.

Chose Wisely

Select your travel agency wisely. Chose your season to travel wisely. Chose your arrival and departure dates wisely.

Prepare yourself

You must get ready mentally and physically for your desired opted trekking. There are variety of trekking routes around the world which are easy, moderate and difficult routes. I would give example of three types of trekking natures here.

List of Equipment in Beginners Trekking Tips & Tricks

water bottle for trekking
Water Bottle
List of Beginners Trekking Equipment Tips & Tricks
Trekking Backpack

Trekking Shoes

trekking Pad
Trekking poles
Trekking hat

 head lamp
Had Torch
 sleeping bag
Sleeping Bag
Wear Sun Glasses during Trekking
Sun Glasses

Equipment List in a Glance

Equipment list for pack your backpacking in a glance.
Beginners Trekking Tips & Tricks
Pack your Bag

Nature of Your Trekking

These three are general trekking natures that you need to know. One of the trekking nature chose and let’s travel. These are example of trekking natures.

a. Easiest Route of Trekking

b. Moderate route of Trekking

C. Adventurous Route of Trekking

Step wise guide to Beginners for Trekking with Tips & Tricks

There are some habits in our lives which may need to change with these.

  1. wake up early. You can trek with good weather. Most of trekking gets heating sun and your energy effects. Wake up early. Practice to get early.
  2. High altitude trekking need to maintain your physical stamina. Do one hour cycling. Run 1 mile per day.
Wake up early and do exercise.
Beginners Trekking Tips & Tricks

3. Trekking doesn’t allow you to sit down. Take rest with your trekking poles. In this way you can maintain your veins movement and momentum.

Step wise guide to Beginners for Trekking with Tips & Tricks
Continuing trekking with trekking poles by a trekker.

4. Walk always slowly. Slow means don’t walk in a rush. Don’t walk quickly. Slowly and step by step walking is helpful to get your next stop. Slowly by continuously is the key to trekking like a professional. Slow like a Turtle.

5. Sleep early:

Sleep early as much as you can. So, you could relax and get up early for next day long trek. Continue reading about Beginners Trekking Tips & Tricks.

Step wise guide to Beginners for Trekking with Tips & Tricks
Night Camping. Sleep early
Night Camping and view during Machulo La Trekking


6. First Aid: Basic first aid medicines must be with you. There may be headaches, stomach issues, cuts, bends and pain with tiredness. Keep few basic medicines with your backpack.

First Aid kit is important to carry with you during your trek.

7. Smoking is Injurious to Health: Trekking life never encourage smoking. Don’t smoke. Altitude causes problems for breathing.

8. Collect Memories:

I encourage to have a pen and a note book with you to script, sketch and draw your plans, memories and needs. Digital instruments need back up power banks to recharge your camera, drone and go pros. Don’t forget one extra extension leads for your mobile charging.

Don't Sex during trekking

9. Sex Sense:

Avoid to sex with girl friend or wife. Don’t do it on height like 4500m plus above sea level. It reduces your energy and most importantly your stamina to trek next day harder destination.

10. Environment Friendly: Many travelers forget to maintain their good habits at mountain. They are tired, exhausted, angry and in pain with feet, legs and backpain. Don’t throw rubbish everywhere except dustbins. Visit in Pakistan Treks & Tours will provide and opportunity to you for planting a tree to conserve nature. Let’s do that.

11. Respect the Culture

There are variety of mentality in the world where cultures, traditions, dressing, food and way of living life are completely different. We must respect other’s culture and tradition. The joining of their celebrations, owning their culture, wearing their dresses makes you more respect from them.

12. Take Part in Noble Cause: There are many places around the globe where needed your minor contribution. Traveling is not complete without letting others make able happy. Your real happiness is laying in helping others. Like, Visit in Pakistan is giving opportunity to travellers to contribute in noble cause. Contribute here.

Visit in Pakistan Community School Khadi
Don't Change your plan

13. Don’t Change Your Plan:

Don’t change your plan. It will affect you and your companions, your guide, your all efforts to make this trek may happen worst. Unforeseen circumstances is exceptional.

14. Give Back Up:

Emergency Contact

Two active different mobile contact numbers should provide to your family from the country where you are traveling. It may be your guide and travel company office. Give your two contact numbers for emergency. Mountain life is unexpected sometimes.

15. Leave Good Memories:

You will have sufficient time to understand. Spend good time with them. Those are friends who give happiness back to us. Make new friends. It’s people who are the reason to stay connected and happy. Keep recalling frequently your memories in shape of giving a hi on WhatsApp. Recalling these beautiful memories will erase and reduce your sorrows and difficult times. Smile has Powers.


My ultimate priority is Traveling.

I have tried to explain each major tips and tricks for trekking. I hope you have got more of your major answers. You are always welcome for your comments, suggestions and tips. Keep traveling and shining.

Smile is just a huge asset. We are happy to host your trekking and tours to Pakistan. Let us know ! Click here .

Thank you.


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