Where Should I Travel “SKARDU or HUNZA”?
Where should I travel Skardu or Hunza

It is very tough to decide on the right time of traveling that Where Should I Travel “SKARDU or HUNZA”? I will compare destinations and touristic importance. Let’s get brief and try to decide where to go Skardu Baltistan or Hunza.


The readers have right to deny my opinion and I respect that. This blog post is to facilitate readers and travelers for planning their tours to Hunza or Skardu.

You are more curious to know where these are located? why these places are famous? what is their history and which place must visit? Here I am bringing you comparisons to answer your question with facts, figures and logical reasons . Where Should I Travel “SKARDU or HUNZA”?

Note: This blog is comparison of only Hunza and Skardu Districts

Short History of Gilgit Baltistan

Pakistan came into being on 14th August 1947 and this region habitants fought for their independence against British rule. They conquered and ruled by themselves. The people voluntarily announced affiliation with Pakistan soon after getting independence from British rulers.

1st November 1948 is the day of independence celebrate and 14th August as well. The era after British rulers were full of stories of domestic wars and cruel ruling over the mass. Maqpon dynasty of Skardu and Rajas of Hunza were famous who ruled Gilgit Baltistan along with many other rulers.

The family of Maqpons of Skardu united the region with Chitral and Ladakh. The trending ruling and unity of these region counted during Ali Sher Khan Anchan’s era. 1970s was the era where Dogra Rulers and their story came to an end where Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto turn the administration from Rajas to public.

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The 2009 presidential ordinance given this region status of Gilgit Baltistan as provisional provincial status.

Gilgit Baltistan is located in northern part of Pakistan which administered federally with an autonomous body as a provincial setup. This region has three divisions Gilgit, Baltistan and Diamir. These three divisions has 10 districts in list. Skardu District is under Baltistan Division where as Hunza is under Gilgit division.

Here we will see a short comparison to understand your question Where Should I Travel “SKARDU or HUNZA”?.

Short Comparison for Where Should I Travel “SKARDU or HUNZA”?

1Shangri-La LakeKarimabad
2Upper Kachura LakeAltit & Baltit Fort
3Soq ValleyAttabad Lake
4Katpana Cold DesertHussaini Suspension bridge
5Chunda ValleyPassu Cones
6Basho ValleyKhunjerab Pass
7Satpara LakeBorith Lake
8Deosai National Park
9Kharphocho Fort
10Sarfa Ranga Cold Desert
Short Comparison for where to Travel Skardu or Hunza

Should I Travel Skardu ?

There are plenty of reasons to Travel Skardu. Skardu is the capital city of Baltistan Division. Baltistan division has 4 districts Skardu, Khaplu, Shigar and Kharmang respectively. The city of Skardu is hub of tourism and gateway to mighty K2 the world 2nd highest mountain.

Skardu connects Shigar, Khaplu (Ghanche) and Kharmang districts towards it’s North. Skardu itself has diversity of tourist attractions which are considered world class tourist destinations. Let’s Start destination wise description with it’s reason to travel Skardu Baltistan. You can find a suitable answer for your question. Where Should I Travel “SKARDU or HUNZA”?

1. Shangrila Lake

Shangri La Skardu
Where Should I Travel "SKARDU or HUNZA"?

Shangri La Lake is known as Lower Kachura Lake. Shangri La is located in Skardu city near to airport in Kachura village. This is a pure crystal water lake surrounded by Resorts and Hotels.

Pakistan Airline damaged aeroplane is decorated as a hotel cabin in Shangri La resort extends it’s beauty. The lake get’s reflection of surrounded mountain and trees colors in each season. Autumn, Blossom, Winter and Summer seasons has completely different view of this lake which attracts tourists from around the world.

2. Upper Kachura Lake

SM Bukhari’s Photography

Upper Kachura Lake is located in kachura village . Kachura village is 20 minuets drive distance from Skardu Airport. The lake is located upper side of Kachura village which is 20 minuets drive distance from Lower Kachura (Shangri La lalke).

3. Soq Valley

Soq Valley Tourist Destination in Skardu
This picture is taken from Travel Diaries YouTube Channel

Soq valley is upper side of Kachura village. Soq valley is located in Kachura Village. A single day you can cover these three beautiful tourist destinations. This tourist attraction has variety of relaxing spots where chairs has been placed in clear crystal floating water. The fresh breezing air and mesmerizing surrounded beauty is driving tourists from around the world to Soq valley.

4. Basho Valley

Where Should I Travel "SKARDU or HUNZA"?
Basho Valley
This picture has taken from Basho Valley Facebook wall.

You can reach to Basho Valley which is after Kachura bridge. Roundu and Basho valley are part of Skardu district. This valley is located 1.5 hrs drive from Skardu city. The magnificent snow covered mountains, lush green mountains, prominent beauty and breezing atmosphere captivate towards this destination.

5. Chunda Valley

Skardu Chunda Valley beautiful scene
Chunda Valley Skardu

This magnificent valley called Chunda Valley. This is located in Skardu city. You need to travel on airport road. You have to turn right towards CMH and continue straight. Travelers will reach after driving almost 45 minuets. It is a spectacular and breathtaking tourist attraction. This valley has it’s splendid beauty in all four seasons.

The valley well known for variety of delicious seedless fruits and apricot. The fertile land enables the residents to grow a various kind of cereals and fruits.

6. Katpana Cold Desert

Katpana Cold Desert Skardu. A worth place to Travel.
She is stepping over Cold Desert Katpana. Picture from Uzma Mountaineer’s Twitter Wall

Katpana Desert is known as Cold Desert Katpana. This desert has a name in Balti called Biama Nakpo. The word “Biama” means sand or Desert and “Nakpo” means Black. This desert located in Skardu.

It is one of the unique tourist attraction in he world. This desert allow you to experience Desert camping, jeep safari and Katpana Lake view. The list doesn’t end here. It allow tourists to see Indus River and snow covered surrounded mountains view are more interesting. The night view in wide open desert, the milky way with necked eyes and bonfire at campsites are best activities to experience.

There are more places to add yet. I must recall the question Where Should I Travel “SKARDU or HUNZA”? for which this blog post was written.

7. Satpara Lake

Travel to Satpara Lake Skardu
Picture has taken from Wikimedia Commons

Satpara Lake is located in Skardu. 40-55 minuets drive towards Sadpara Village will reach you here. Sadpara is a village which is home town of legendary mountaineer late Hassan Sadpara and Ali Sadpara. It is a natural lake in Skardu which supplies drinking and irrigation water to entire Skardu city. Sadpara village stream fed it to fill up. It is located at the elevation of 2636m above sea level. It is consist of 2.5 square Km area and it’s length is 3.5km.

8. Deosai National Park

Tourist Traveling to Deosai National Park Skardu
Picture has taken from GBvisit blog.

Deosai means Land of the Giants and it was created as National Park in 1993. Deosai National Park is one of the most attractive tourist spot. The endless green pastures, variety of wildflowers species scattered over wide area of the park. Deosai is the 2nd largest Alpine plateau in the entire world. This park is located at 4000m above sea level and covered 3584 square kilometers which area is 358,400 ha. 

9. Sheosar Lake

Travel to Sheosar Lake Deosai Skardu.
The gigantic Sheosar lake of Deosai National Park

Deosai is located in Skardu in the way after Satpara Lake. The 2.5-hour steep way drive brings you to this amazing world. Deosai plateau has endless greenery, snow covered mountains at some part and connects various parts of Gilgit Baltistan. UNESCO world heritage included in 2016 as world heritage alpine plateau. Three to four hours drive from starting of Deosai National park to it’s Astore end will brings you Sheosar Lake.

10. Kharphocho Fort

Tourists are Traveling and enjoying at Kharphocho Fort Skardu.
Tourists are Enjoying Skardu City View below the Kharphocho Fort Sign Board.

The Kharphocho Fort well known as Skardu Fort. Kharpocho means The king of Forts is a fort in vicinity of Skardu city. The view of this fort from Skardu City looks like “perched above the junction of the rivers” and overlooks the Rock of Skardu. This fort gives you a panoramic view of Sarfaranga Cold Desert, Skardu City view and River Indus in a frame.

11. Cold Desert Sarfa Ranga

Travel to Cold Desert Sarfa Ranga Skardu and do Photography like this.
Cold Desert Skardu in Winter by Ali Noori Phto
Sarfa Rangna Jeep Rally Cold Desert Skardu

Sarfa Ranga the Cold Desert is located in sarfaranga village in Skardu. This cold deserst is the world’s highest cold desert at elevation of above 1000 feet. Sarfa Ranga Cold desert host each year a Jeep Rally which an international event. This is located in north of Skardu. The road to Sarfa Ranga Cold Desert leads to Shigar district the gateway to Mighty K2.


Now we will list down all the tourist spots of Hunza City. There are plenty of attractions in Hunza as well. Let’s see the list and you can decide better. Hunza is located in Gilgit Division. This region used to call Hunza-Nagar. Now Hunza and Nagar are two different Districts.

Hunza is a district where you can see multiple tourist destinations. It is now very easy to decide where to Travel | Skardu or Hunza after reading the entire blog. I would recommend both.

You can find a complete Tour plan here. Click here

1. Karimabad

Travel to Karimabad Hunza in Autumn.
Autumn View of Karimabad Hunza

The older name of Karimabad was Baltit. Karimabad is the capital of Hunza District. Karimabad is attractive as it has Altit and Baltit Forts and Nagar’s Rakaposhi Mountain view. This is the only town in Pakistan which has cent percent literacy rate. The Ismailia community resides in Karimabad.

2. Altit & Baltit Fort

Let's Travel to Baltit Fort Hunza and make your dreams more beautiful.
Baltit Fort in Karimabad Photo by Lukas Bischoff

Complete inside visual virtual tour with English commentary is here.

3. Attabad Lake

Atabad Lake Hunza is one of the best answer to the question "Where should I travel SKARDU or HUNZA? Tourist are taking boat in Attabad Lake

Gojal valley has beautiful villages of Hunza district. There is 40 Minuets drive from Karimabad on Karakorum highway we can reach to Attabad Lake. This lake came into exist in Janurary 2010 in a resulf of a huge landlide in Attabad village. This lake has 20.9 km in length. The depth of this lake is 109m and water volume is 410,000,000 m3.

4. Suspension Bridge

Hussaini Suspension Bridge HUNZA
Hussaini suspension bridge. photo from secret world.

Suspension bridge named Husaini Suspension Bridge located in Hunza. The Karakorum highway leads towards this after Attabad lake. 30 minutes drive distance from from Attabad Lake reaches Hussaini bridge. It is stretched out with wooden plunks over the wire and locals use it to connect to the village located on the other side. It is considered one of the most dangerous tourist spot to cross. The wide gapes between the planks and speedy floating Hunza river make more dangerious to cross it.

5. Cones of Passu

The beautiful Passu Cones is ready to Host Travelers to Passu Cones Hunza.
Passu Cones | Photo from Good Morning Pakistan Magazine

This is a tiny village located in Gojal valley of upper Hunza. The road after Hussaini suspension bridge towards Passu village will connects you here. A magnificent connected high mountains with it’s golden color at sunset. This is Karakorum highway and it connects to China. This tourist spot is 1.8 hours drive distance from Attabad lake.

6. Khunjerab Pass

A dream destination to Travel Khunjerab Pass

Central Karakorum National Paki has Khunjerab Park as one of the beautiful national park. This is a 4,693-meter-high mountainous pass in the Karakoram Mountain range. This is located in a strategic position on the northern border of Gilgit Baltistan and on the southwest border of Republic of China. Khunjerab pass connect China at the elevation of 4693m above sea level.

7. Passu Bortih Lake

Passu Borith Lake
Borith Lake Passu. Pic credit goes to TripAdvisor

Borith lake is located upper side of Passu village. This lake is at 2900m above sea level altitude. This is a small lake with clear crystal view. It is just 20 minuets drive distance from Karakorum highway Passu village.


My ultimate priority is traveling. It will be a precious moment in your life. Showing place your traveling journey at your 70s. This makes your day wonderful.

I have put this comparison with destinations and keep remember ” Beauty Lays in Beholder Eyes”.

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