When Should I Travel to Pakistan?
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Pakistan has blessed with spectacular tourist attractions but more tourism potentials. Entire country has rich in tourism opportunity also. The northern region of Pakistan (Gilgit Baltistan and also Chitral) is richer in tourism. Because, it has highest mountains, plateaus, lakes, deserts, architectures, and history. Because of it, everyone around the world wants to know about travel to Pakistan.

Let’s read it and also design your plan wisely. Get an eye over this blog and also you will get answer for your question. Do you know When Should you Travel to Pakistan? So, plan your tour with best time to travel Pakistan.

Overview: Let’s travel to Pakistan

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan also frequently stated in his speeches “Pakistan has 12 Climatic Zones”. But, Pakistan’s northern regions has perfect example. Pakistan has four major seasons but there are more than four. There are also more seasons to experience in Pakistan. Also, this blog post will educate you about accurate timing to travel Pakistan.

Overview. Let's Travel to Pakistan

Pakistan has categorized four major seasons with Winter, Spring, Summer and also Autumn. There are versatility in climate zones, seasons, landscapes, and also culture. The culture in provinces are also different to each other.

But, northern region of Pakistan (Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral) has more options. So, this blog will categorize with province based tourist attractions and timing for travel to Pakistan.

Quick Overview |When Should I travel to Pakistan?

These are a quick overview to travel Pakistan with destinations and also time frame.

PUNJABWinterClick here: Punjab Tour
Wagah Boarder, Badshahi Mosque, Minar e Pakistan, and Lahore Museum.
BALUCHISTANWinterClick here:
Baluchistan Tour
Hingol National Park, Quette, Gawadar, Ziarat, Kund Malir Beach, Hanna Lake, Chiltan National Park, and Bolan pass.
SINDH WinterClicke Here:
Mohenjo-Daro Sindh Tour
Mohenje Daro, Mazar e Quaid, Clifton Beach, Sea View, Shah Jahan Masjid Thathah, Mohatta Palace Museum, and Ranikot Fort also.
KHYBER PAKHTUNKHWAHWinter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn.Click Here:
a. Chitral Kalash Valley Tour
b. KPK Tour
Chitral-Kalash Valley, Shandur Pass, Chilm Joshi Festival, Lawari Top Tunnel, Sawat, Behrain, Malam Jabba, Nathia Gali, Galliyaat, Naran, Kaghan, Babusar, Lake Saif ul Malook, and Shogran.






Click Here:
1. Skardu Baltistan Tour

2. Gilgit Hunza Tour

3. Fairy Meadows Trek

4. K2 base camp Trek

5. Machulo La Trek Easiest view point to see K2

5. Skardu and Hunza Tour

6. Five Base Camp Trek

7. Khunjerab Pass
K2 8611m, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum I, II, IV, Masherbrum, K6,K7. Machulo La K2 View point Trek , easiest way to see K2 from Machulo La.
Khaplu Fort, Chaqchan Mosque, Kondos Cathedrals, Sicachen Glacier. Machulo valley, Khaplu Valley, Skardu Baltistan, Shangrila, and also Upper Kachura.
Soq Valley, Chunda, Basho, Sarfa Ranga Cold Desert, Katpana Cold Desert, and also Shigar Fort.
Satpara Lake, Blind Lake, Manthokha Water Fall, Khamosh Water Fall, and also Hashupi Bagh.
Basha Valley, Arandu, Baltoro Glacier, Trango Towers, Broad Peak, Nangma Valley, Amin Braq, Thalay Meadows, and also Deosai Plateau. Manthal Budha Rock, Kharphocho Fort, Maqpon Polo Ground, Sogha Lake, Hanjour Meadows, Sino Peak.
Fairy Meadows, Nanga Parbat, Naltar, Naltar Lakes, and also Phander Ghizer.
Nagar, Rakaposhi, Hunza, Karimabad, Altit & Baltit forts, Attabad Lake.
Karakorum Highway, Hussaini Suspension bridge, Passu glacier, Passu Cones, Khunjerab Pass, Batura Glacier, Lady Finger, Shimshal, Astore, Rama Lake, Rainbow Lake, Minimarg, Borith Lake etc.

PUNJAB| Get Ready to Travel Pakistan

Punjab Get ready to Travel Pakistan

The most populated province “Punjab” has a long list. It also has multiple reasons to travel. Because, there are different destinations to travel. But, it is very important to know things to do in Punjab province. Also I have an over view of this season wise.

Punjab province is recording one of the hottest temperature. But it has different destinations. We also recommend travel down in winter to these tourist places. So, the places are Wagah Boarder, and Badshahi Mosque. Minar e Pakistan, Lahore Museum, Kartarpur corridor, and also other places. The seasons are also always hot. But, it is not recommended to travel down in hot weather. Because, 48 degrees recorded in summer, 39 in Autumn and 35 in Spring. So, the only season which is feasible to travel is Winter. But, there we will have 25 degree temperature.


Balochistan Plan to Travel Pakistan

The province of Balochistan has also tourist attractions. It is special to travel and also to explore many areas. Because, there are very famous tourist spots where tourist can travel. Because, I would recommend only winter season to travel to Baluchistan. But, except few places like Ziarat and Quetta. Because Quetta and Ziarat has harsh winter mostly. But, Ziarat, Kund Malir Beach, Hanna Lake, and Quetta are recommended to travel in Spring and Summer.

So, these Places are recommended to travel in winter. Because to avoid hot temperature. The tourist attractions are Hingol National Park, Gawadar, Mehr Garh, Hazarganji Chiltan National Park, and also Bolan pass etc. There are also many places to explore and discover to rest of the world. So, Let’s Travel to Pakistan.

SINDH || Best Time to Travel Karachi Pakistan

SINDH || Best Time to Travel Karachi Pakistan

The province of Sindh has multiple tourist attraction also. Because of the wide and populated regions of Karachi and interior Sindh has core spots. But, these regions has mostly hot weather. So, You can experience pleasant weather in Autumn and Spring.

Because, it is highly recommended to travel to Sindh Karachi in winter. So, the places you can visit in winter are as follows. Mohenje Daro, Mazar e Quaid, Clifton Beach, Sea View, Shah Jahan Masjid, Mohatta Palace, and also Ranikot Fort.



Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has many opportunity of tourism and also has potentials. But this province has variation of tourist spots all over the province. Activities like skies, jeep safaris, short treks and also minor expeditions are special. Because, there are opportunity to visit all the four seasons to see it’s charming beauties.

I would like to share the most beautiful places and also best time to travel in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. But, there is Chitral district. Because, Chitral is a place where charming beauty of Spring Apricot Cherry Blossom. Because of the mesmerising pastures, Shandur Pass, Ayun and Kalash are worth to explore in summer. The entire region of Chitral can explore in Blossom, Spring, Summer and also in Autumn. Because Every season has it’s own charming beauty in Chitral.


It is recommended to travel in Chitral for Spring, Blossom, Summer and also in Autumn. It is not recommended to visit in winter because it is mountainous region. Kaghan, Naran, Babusar and also Sawat are worth to visit in Summer only. There are green hills along with running medium size rivers and also pure atmosphere. So, Chitral district has more international tourists. Because, Kaghan, Sawat and Naran usually has Pakistani travelers visit.

GILGIT BALTISTAN : The Land of Peace, Lakes, Culture and Mountains

World has different destinations to visit but this region is something unforgettable to visit. Gilgit Baltistan is one of the finest but most beautiful and world class area to visit. This region has also 10 districts which divided in three divisions Gilgit, Baltistan and Diemer. Every district has also outstanding tourist attractions.

GILGIT BALTISTAN : The Land of Peace, Lakes, Culture and Mountains

It is also important to decide perfect season for perfect tour. Because, this region in northern Pakistan has the richest assets. But, Mountains, Lakes, Meadows, Plateaus, Architecture and Forts are major attractions. Roads, Culture, Languages, Landscapes and also rivers are addition. Because, the region’s three divisions will be segregate here for easy to understand.

Baltistan Division | Ready to Travel Pakistan

Baltistan has four districts Skardu, Khaplu, Shigar and also Kharmang respectively. Each district has also spectacular tourist attractions. So, Each tourist attraction has it’s own position and world class reputation. So, Let’s discuss the major ones with best time to travel there.

Baltistan Division | Ready to Travel Pakistan

1. Khaplu, Ghanche District | Things to Do in Khaplu Ghanche

Khaplu is a beautiful district but it is located in extreme north of the country. So, it is located 100 km drive distance from Skardu International airport. This district is in north of Skardu but has numerous touristic attractions.

Temperature: Summer, Autumn, Winter and Blossom seasons are expected to have 30, 25, -20, and also 15 degrees respectively.

Tourist Attraction/ Things to Do in Ghanche KhapluBest Time to Travel /Tour /Trekking/ Expeditions in PakistanNature of Tour
Khaplu Fort March to DecemberTour, Jeep Safari, Photography Tour
Easiest Way to see K2 from Machulo La K2 view pointMay 10th to November 20thTrekking
5071m on view point
Chaqchan MosqueThroughout the yearTour, jeep safari
Hanjor Khaplu BroqJune to SeptemberShort Trek, tour
Siachen Valley Siachen Glacier and Kondos.June to SeptemberTrekking, and Jeep Safari
Kharfaq LakeJune to SeptemberTrekking
Sogha LakeMarch to DecemberJeep Safari, and Tour.
Machulo Valley: Masherbrum View point, and Channel Walk. Throughout the year. Jeep Safari, and Tour
Hushe ValleyMarch to NovemberJeep Safari, Tour
Masherbrum Base CampJune to SeptemberTrekking, Expedition
Charakusa Valley K6,K7 base campJune to SeptemberTrekking, Expeditions
Laila PeakJune to AugustTrekking, Expeditions
KheospangJune to SeptemberTrekking
Saling Fish FarmThroughout the yearJeep Safari, Tour
Haldi Cones Throughout the yearJeep Safari
Nangma Valley and also magnificent Amin BraqJune to SeptemberTrekking, Expeditions
Khaney Broq and also beautiful lush green pasture.June to SeptemberTrekking, Rock Climbing Expeditions
Chorbat Valley (Pak-indo Boarder)March to NovemberJeep Safari, Tour
Sino Peak and also beautiful village of Sinothroughout the yearJeep Safari, Tour, Photography
Gulshan e Kabir Broq and Shephered alsoJune to SeptemberTrekking
Thaly Broq and Meadows alsoJune to SeptemberTrekking, Jeep Safari, Tours
Thagus Broq/ Pastures and also Channel WalkJune to SeptemberTrekking, Rock Climbing

2. Skardu Baltistan |Visit in Pakistan

Skardu is the capital city of Baltistan division but this is in connecting with other districts. This city is also a gateway to mighty K2 and the beautiful Karakorum rage. Because, the city connects rest of three districts with a same route towards north from Skardu.

The beautiful tourist destinations are located in Skardu also. So, Let’s see which place is more suitable to travel in which season. Things to do in Skardu in all season are also listed below.

Best time to Travel Pakistan. 
When Should I travel to Pakistan?
Tourist Attraction/ Things to Do in Ghanche KhapluBest Time to Travel /Tour /Trekking/ Expeditions in PakistanNature of Tour
Deosai Plateau and called it also Deosai national Park.May 15th to OctoberJeep Safari, Camping, Tour, Photography, Wild Life Tour
Satpara Lake and Beautiful Sadpara Village.April to DecemberJeep Safari, Photography, and Tour.
Manthal Budha RockApril to DecemberJeep Safari, Hiking, Photography Tour
Kharphocho Fort and also Skardu City ViewMarch to DecemberHiking, Trekking, Jeep Safari, Photography
Organic VillageThroughout the yearHiking, Trekking, Jeep Safari, Photography Tour
Katpana Cold Desert and also Katpana LakeThroughout the YearJeep Safari, Tour, Camping, Photography
Sarfa Ranga Cold Desert and Horse Riding AlsoThroughout the YearJeep safari, Jeep Rally, Camping, Parasailing, paragliding, Biking and race competitions
Masoor Rock Hussainabad Trek and photography June to NovemberTrekking, Jeep Safari, Photography
Chunda ValleyApril to NovemberTrekking, Jeep Safari, Photography, Camping
Basho ValleyApril to NovemberTrekking, Jeep Safari, Photography, Camping
Soq ValleyApril to NovemberTrekking, Jeep Safari, Photography, Camping
Upper KachuraMarch to DecemberJeep Safari, Tour, Photography
Lower Kachura or also called it Shangrila ResortMarch to DecemberJeep Safari, Tour, Photography
Sheosar Lake and Camping experience also in Deosai.June to NovemberJeep Safari, Tour, Camping, Fishing, Photography, Wild Life, Trekking, Hiking, Star views, Flower species, swimming also etc.

SHIGAR Baltistan | Let’s travel to Pakistan

Shigar district has very famous itself and also for K2. It has Baltoro glacier, Trango Tower, Gasherbrum and also Masherbrum Ranges. Because, there are historical landmarks and scenic landscapes in the list “Things to Do in Shigar”. The list of places and things to do in Shigar are longer but under in a tabulation form to read in a glance.

Shigar Tourist Map
Best time to Travel Pakistan. 
When Should I travel to Pakistan?
Tourist Attraction/ Things to Do in ShigarBest Time to Travel /Tour /Trekking/ Expeditions in PakistanNature of Tour
Sarfa Rangna Cold Desert and Night Camping Experience also Throughout the YearJeep Safari, Motor bike, photography, horse riding, parasailing, jeep rallies.
Blind Lake (Jarba Xoh)March to NovemberJeep Safari, photography, horse riding, Tour
Shigar Fort (Serena Shigar) and also it’s historyMarch to NovemberJeep Safari, Photography and Tour
Amburik MosqueThroughout the YearJeep Safari, photography, Tour
Hashupi BaghApril to NovemberJeep Safari, Photography, Tour, Fruit festival
Basha ValleyMay to NovemberJeep Safari, Photography, Travel
Spantik June to AugustTrekking, Expedition, Climbing
Hot SpringThroughout the earJeep Safari, Tour, Hot Shower, Tour
Askole, the last human settlement and also gateway to Baltoro K2March to NovemberJeep Safari, Photography, Tour
Baltoro GlacierJune to SeptemberTrekking, Expeditions, Climbing, Paragliding, Skiing, Photography, Hiking, Camping, Glacier trekking
K2 (8611m)June to SeptemberTrekking, Expeditions, Climbing, Paragliding, Skiing, Photography, Hiking, Camping, also Glacier trekking.
Gasherbrum Ranges, Mashabrum Ranges, Ali Camp, Gandogoro La, Broad Peak, Pastura Peak, Paju peak, and also Trango TowersJune to SeptemberTrekking, Expeditions, Climbing, Paragliding, Skiing, Photography, Hiking, Camping, and also Glacier trekking
Hisper GlacierJune to AugustTrekking, Expeditions, Climbing, Paragliding, Skiing, Photography, Hiking, Camping, and Glacier trekking also

KHARMANG Baltistan | Travelling to Pakistan

The newly established Kharmang district is tiny but beautiful. There are also various tourist attractions which makes travellers joyful. So, here is the list of tourist spots in Kharmang District.

Kharmang By SM Bukhari
Best time to Travel Pakistan. 
When Should I travel to Pakistan?
S.M Bukhari’s Click
Tourist Attraction/ Things to Do in KharmangBest Time to Travel /Tour /Trekking/ Expeditions in PakistanNature of Tour
Kharmang FortThroughout the YearJeep Safari, Tour, Photography, also Ancient architecture.
Manthokha WaterfallFebruary to DecemberJeep Safari, hiking, photography, fishing, tour, and also camping.
Khamosh WaterfallApril to Novemberjeep Safari, hiking, photography, fishing, tour, camping
Shila Broq/ValleyJune to SeptemberTrekking, Jeep Safari, Camping, Hiking, Camping and Photography Tour
Sermik VillageThroughout the yearApricot cherry blossom, photography, Autumn colors, fruits and culture
Pari VillageJune to AugustFruit festival, blossom, Autumn and apple pickking.
LOC (Line of Control Indo-Pak)June to SeptemberJeep Safari, Trekking, Hiking, Photography

Gilgit and Diamir Division Tourist Spots

But, this blog post is getting too long to read. So, I would keep it very short. Because, this section will enables to let you know about Gilgit and Diamir Divisions tourist spots. Their time to travel and experience are recommended accordingly.

Tourist Attraction/ Things to Do in Gilgit and Diamir Divisions Best Time to Travel /Tour /Trekking/ and also Expeditions in PakistanNature of Tour
Bhuda Rock GilgitThroughout the yearhiking, jeep safari
Hunza Altit & Baltit FortMarch to NovemberJeep Safari, Photography, Architecture.
Attabad LakeMarch to DecemberJeep Safari, Boating, Photography
Hussaini Suspension BridgeJune to NovemberHiking, Photography, Trekking, Adventure
Borith LakeJune to SeptemberHiking, Jeep Safari, Photography
Passu GlacierJune to SeptemberHiking, Photography, Jeep Safari
Passu ConesMay to DecemberHiking, Photography, Jeep Safari
Khunjerab PassJune to SeptemberHiking, Photography, Jeep Safari, Yak riding, Pak-china boarder
Rakaposhi of NagarMay to DecemberHiking, Photography, Jeep Safari, Trekking, Camping
Nagar Cricket GroundMay to NovemberHiking, Photography, Jeep Safari, Camping, Trekking.
Naltar ValleyMay to NovemberHiking, Photography, Jeep Safari, Skiing,
Phander Valley of GhizerMay to NovemberHiking, Photography, Jeep Safari
Fairy Meadows Nanga Parbat of DiamirMay to NovemberHiking, Photography, Jeep Safari, Trekking, Camping.
Rama Lake of AstoreMay to NovemberHiking, Photography, Jeep Safari, Camping
Shandoor Pass of GhizerJune to SeptemberHiking, Photography, Jeep Safari.
Hisper Glacier TrekJune to AugustTrekking,
Nagar Trekking (Various Spots)June to NovemberHiking, Photography, Jeep Safari
Shimshal Pass and TrekkingJune to NovemberHiking, Photography, Jeep Safari

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