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This short article precisely will allow you to get information regarding, Visa, Pakistan Visa on Arrival and Pakistan Visa Free Countries. Government of Pakistan is easing with very simple procedure offering visa for tourists, businessman and also corporate sectors. It is now at your finger tips. Because, the good thing is you have all information here. I would like to go with step by step and topic wise discussion for you. Let’s get ready to fly in a world which is absolutely different than yours and beautiful than else. Welcome to Pakistan…!!!


Pakistan Visa

This Country has got it’s independence from Indian subcontinent in 1947 14th of August. Pakistan has five provinces Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and also Gilgit Baltistan. Gilgit Baltistan is newly announced as 5th province of Pakistan in response of 2009 presidential act. The population of Pakistan is 220.9 million (2020).

Pakistan Visa

Government of Pakistan has made very easy to get your Visa. There are different categories are offering Visa such as Pakistan Visa on Arrival. It is very interesting to share with you that Pakistan has several Visa Free Countries in the list. Don’t need to be so panic and confuse. It is very easy and simple to process and get your traveling permit.

Pakistan Visa | Pakistan Visa on Arrival | Visa Types

There are eleven major types of Pakistan Visa available. So, these Pakistan Visa Types are as follows.

Tourist/Visit Visa

Tourist or Visit Visa is the most availing Visa for Pakistan. Government of Pakistan making easier for international travellers each year. So, this major visa category has two different types of Visas.

1. Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa for Pakistan will allow the citizens of every country except ISRAEL to visit Pakistan for tourism purposes. This Visa has also two major application Types to apply online. One is First Time (New) and the other is Extension. You can apply for a new visa if you do not have applied or also have Visa on your passport. On the other hand EXTENTION means to increase your length of stay in Pakistan while you are in Pakistan. Because, both types can do easily by online. So, Pakistan E Visa is the simplest and fastest way to get a Pakistan visa via online application.

Documents Requirements

  1. Your Passport Size Photograph
  2. Valid (Up to Date) Passport
  3. Invitation letter of registered tour operator also required. Click here for Letter of invitation. Visit in Pakistan

Visa Validity and Length of Stay

  • Single Entry for few stays less than three months (First Time entry).
  • Length of stay up to and more than 6 months (Extension).
  • Citizens from these countries may be eligible for a Double Entry Tourist Visa.
  • Tourist Visa can be extended for up to six Months or even more but it is up to approval.

Note: In case of extension, please be aware that you have a up to date Pakistani Visa and are presence in Pakistan too.

Visa Processing Time

Offering of Visa is the complete right and privilege of the Pakistani Government.

  • Entry (Up to 3 Months) : 7-10 days (Working Days)
  • Extension (Up to 6 Months) : 7-10 days (Working Days)
  • Extension (Greater than 6 Months) : 4 Weeks (Working days)
  • 37 days (Working Days – First Time Entry/Extension – For Afghanistan Passport Holders)

Please Note: The Application will stand cancelled if applicant doesn’t resubmit his/her application in Seven (7) days from the date of application sent for review. So, please try to avoid paying fees again and complete your documents earlier to apply. I would suggest to consult to local tour agency for apply before you launch application. I would suggest to have Letter of Invitation from Local Tour Agency earlier to apply for visa application.

2. Mountaineering & Trekking Visa

Pakistan is regarded as one of the most popular destinations for availing opportunity of “Mountaineering and Trekking” also expeditions around the globe. Under “Mountaineering and Trekking” category, all foreigners can apply online visa who wish to visit Pakistan for Trekking, Mountaineering, Rock Climbing and other adventure sports like skiing.

Application Type

You can apply for First Time (New) Single Entry Visa in the following subcategories:

  1. Visa for Mountaineering (List of Highest Mountains) for which Visa can be applied can be seen here.
  2. Also Trekking (List of few famous Treks linking here for your guidance for which Visa can be applied can be seen here

Please Note: You must mention under Purpose of Visit – the name of Mountains included in this list which you are going to scale or climb).

Required Documents

  • Passport
  • Photograph
  • Mountaineering Application-Form required to express your expedition details also.
  • Trekking Application-Form required to write details of your trekking, number of people etc.
  • Letter of Invitation/ Sponsor letter/ or Agreement also required with designated tour operator by Department of Tourist Services (DTS) Please Note: Your Sponsor letter/Agreement must be with a tour operator authorised by the DTS.
  • You can include List of any members who are accompanying the applicant for the purpose of Mountaineering or Trekking, if available with the applicant at the time of application submission.

Duration and Validity

  • Up to 3 Months – Single Entry Visa

Processing Time

Issuance of Visa is also the privilege of the Government of Pakistan.

Normally, it takes 4 Weeks (Working Days).

Please Note: The Application will stand cancelled. Because, applicant doesn’t resubmit his/her application in Seven (7) days from the date of application sent for review.

Please NOTE: You may also plan your trip after acquiring Visa Grant Notice against your application.

Note: The fee charged online upon submission of your application is Visa Application Fee – IF Visa is GRANTED against your application. Then also you will be required to pay Royalty Fee for Mountaineering and Trekking after coming to Pakistan. Because the guidelines to pay the Royalty Fee when you arrive in Pakistan are guided by Visit in Pakistan Treks, Tours & Expeditions.

Pakistan Visa | Pakistan Visa on Arrival | Pakistan Visa Free Countries and Types of Pakistan Visas are Here

Visa in Your Inbox

Visit Pakistan as an individual or with family
Family Visit Visa
Visit Pakistan for business purpose
Business Visa
Pakistan Visa by Visit in Pakistan Treks and tours
Travel to Pakistan for employment purpose
Work Visa
Travel to Pakistan for educational purposes
Study Visa
Medical Visa
Travel to Pakistan for medical treatment
Pakistan Visa by Visit in Pakistan Treks and tours
Travel to Pakistan to work for a NGO and also/INGO
Travel to Pakistan for official assignments
Official Visa
 Visit in Pakistan Treks and tours
Travel to Pakistan for religious tourism.
Religious Tourism
Other Visa
Travel to Pakistan for Cultural Activities

Preliminary Assessment

Choose your visa below and understand the eligibility and document requirements before you apply:

Tourist VisaTourist Visa in Your Inbox
Family Visit VisaBusiness Visa
Business Visa in Your InboxStudent Visa
Work VisaDomestic Aide Visa
Official VisaDiplomatic Visa
Tabligh VisaMissionary Visa
NGO / INGO VisaJournalist Visa
Other Visa

A complete step by step Guide to Apply for Pakistan Visit Visa is here.


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