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Where is Khaplu Baltistan?

Khaplu is a city and headquarter of Ghanche District. This is situated 64 miles east of the city of Skardu. It was the second-largest kingdom in old Baltistan of the Yabgo dynasty. The headquarter located at the Elevation 2,600m above sea level. The Best Things to Do in Khaplu Ghanche Baltistan when you in Khaplu Baltistan will give comprehensive guideline. The major river flows by the town is Shyok. Khaplu is a 2 hour drive distance from Skardu International Airport. Because, Khaplu Ghanche District is amongst the four districts of Baltistan Division of Gilgit Baltistan province of Pakistan.

Khaplu Baltistan

Shyok river flows from India and the other streams connects this at Surmo Village. So, these rivers are Hushe river which flow down from Karakorum range glaciers of Charakusa, Masherbrum and Nangma Valley. But the other is from Siachen Glacier of Pakistan side. The district has segregated into three sub divisions.

The district has 99% population who follows Mir Sayyid Muhammad Nurbakhsh Qahistani (1392-1464). He was a Sufi who gave name to the Noorbakhshi school of Islam. He also wrote al Fiqh al-Ahwat (Islamic Jurisprudence) and Kitab al-Aetiqadia (Book of Faith). They all speak Balti language but inside of the district of Khaplu they have different accent speaking styles of this language.

This separation is based on the geographical locations as Chourbat has different accent of Balti. While Masherbrum has unique to Chourbat and Daghoni tehsils’ accent. Above from these all this district is the most peaceful location in Pakistan. It is stated by former Prime minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan in national level TV Talk shows.

Explore the stunning beauty of Khaplu Baltistan, the highest mountain range in the world.

Khaplu has blessed with countless mountains. There are hundreds of NAMELESS mountains. So, it means, you are going to explore and let the world. Get to know by calling a beautiful mountain name. Because, you are enjoying the Things to do in Khaplu.

There are also spectacular mountain ranges located in Khaplu. I am talking about Karakorum Mountain Range. In this region, K-1 (Masherbrum), Laila Peak, K-6, K-7, Amin Braq are fewer but most beautiful mountains to count.

Trek through the dramatic Karakoram|Things to do in Khaplu

The best things to do in Khaplu Baltistan is to Trek around the Karakoram range. Because, there are multiple known and un-explored trekking routes in the district. The known trekking routes are super famous. These trekking routes are “Easiest Way to See K2- Machulo La Trek”, “Charakusa Valley Trek”. This list continues: “Laila Peak Trek”, “Kheospang and Saicho Trek”, and ” Kanday Nangma Valley Trek.

Enjoy the local cuisine, including Balti chicken and Balti lamb

Traveling gives mostly the best experience to taste local food. Because, things to do in Khaplu Baltistan recommends to not forget to taste local organic tasty foods. There are variety of local foods and cuisines in Khaplu. The local people host guests with organically grown Balti Chicken and also vegetables.

Explore the medieval villages of Khaplu Baltistan

If you love history, then you’ll love Khaplu Baltistan. So, with its medieval villages, it’s a place where time seems to have stopped. The villages are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Because these are a must-see if you’re travelling to Baltistan.

The villages of Khaplu Baltistan are some of the most picturesque villages in the world. Because, they’re located in the valleys of the mighty Karakoram Range. These are surrounded by snow-capped peaks.

The villages are a mixture of traditional Balti houses and traditional Ladakhi houses. Because, the architecture is unique. The villagers are friendly and welcoming.

Go bird-watching in the mist-shrouded valleys of Baltistan

Khaplu Baltistan is a region in northwestern Pakistan to experiences of go-birds. The region has many different bird species. But the go-birds are most commonly found here include eagle, and the Sinhalese owl.

Because, there are many bird-watching trails in Khaplu Baltistan. Some of the most popular trails are the Nangma, Machulo, Thalay, Siachen, Chourbat and also Khaplu Valleys.

Take a drive down the breathtakingly

You have the opportunity to take a drive to breathtaking road sides of different Valleys of Khaplu. Because, there are multiple locations has access to roads.

Visit the world’s second-highest mountain, K2

There is a Trek which is the Shortest, Easiest, and economical ever in Pakistan. This is the super famous easiest trek to see K2, Nanga Parbat, Broad Peak, and Ghasherbrum I, II, III, IV. The views of Masherbrum, K6, K7 and Entire District Ghanche in a Panoramic View is also marvelous. This view point gives you 360 degree view in a glance from the top. The view point is Machulo La K2 View point. Coordinate here.

These videos are even enough to see the view point remotely. Third link apart from these two videos are here.

Easiest Way to See K2 from Machulo La
Machulo La K2 View Point

Get a feel for the local culture and what people enjoy doing

The multiple days staying in Khaplu and Machulo valley will gives you the opportunity to experience the culture. The daily life of local people from Summer to winter are dramatically different. It is unique to the rest of the world. The perfect example is a channel walk in Machulo village. These kind of villages are everywhere in the District. But, please respect the localities, their culture and privacy. The people are not willing to let you take pictures.

They are more than simple, honest and beautiful. So, they even don’t know how and why you are making pictures, videos. The trending social media, professional. unprofessional Vloggers, and bloggers are using their images, videos without consent. This is something you need to respect their self-esteem, privacy and culture. So, it is time to connect with the people and learn about their culture, norms, traditions and life style.

Enjoy the stunning views from the top of the mountains

Each and every village has a green pasture and shepherded area which is usually above each village. This green pasture gives a stunning view of beautiful mountains. Machulo La (Top) gives you the unforgettable experience to see K2 and all five 8000m peaks of Pakistan and panoramic view of entire Khaplu District. Barah Broq, Khaplu La, Surmo Broq, Thugas Broq, Saltoro Broq, Gulshan Kabir Broq, Thalay Broq, Kharfaq Broq and Chourbat Broq are also have magnificent view of mountains.

Go horseback riding and explore the vast open landscapes

There are multiple locations where you can get horse riding and explore the valleys. Thalay Broq, Saling, Saltoro, Dumsum, Gulshan Kabir, Chourbat, Khaplu and Daghoni villages are ready to host you for a horseback riding. Go, and experience the vast open landscapes of the Khaplu District.

Stay in one of the many luxury hotels in the area

There are very few good quality and high standard hotels but the Serena Khaplu Fort hotel is one of the best and luxury hotel in the town. Fish Farm Saling has two beautiful and attractive location hotels, camping sites, and Dom Tent.

End your Baltistan adventure by relaxing in one of the region’s many beautiful lakes

Though, the land of Gilgit Baltistan has many clear crystal lakes but Ghanche has very few lakes. Some of them are still to be explore. There are Sogha Lake in Khaplu near Saling, Kharfaq Lake in upper side of Kharfaq village, Thalay Lake, Khaplu broq Lake and Hanjour Broq Lakes has more beautiful to explore during your stay in Khaplu Ghanche.

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