How to Book a Tour to Pakistan?
When should I go Pakistan?
Different activities to tour in Pakistan
Different activities to tour in Pakistan


  1. How to Book a Tour to Pakistan?
  2. How much does it cost for Pakistan tour?
  3. What are three types of package tours?
  4. How can I plan my tour in Pakistan?
  5. How much money can I take to Pakistan?
  6. What is the best time to visit Pakistan?
  7. How much it cost to visit northern areas of Pakistan Tour?
  8. How can I travel to Pakistan?

Pakistan is home of Mountains, culture and magnificent landscapes. Because of the diverse destinations and variation in culture, language, tradition and colors makes someone’s tour memorable. Also, Geographically Pakistan’s map is very easy to travel and luckily opportunity to cover maximum world class destinations in a single tour. How to Book a Tour to Pakistan? and How much does it cost to tour Pakistan? also How to Plan my tour to Pakistan? statements will assist your maximum questions to travel Pakistan. The beautiful Islamabad host your international flights. The marvellous Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chitral welcomes you with amazing people and landscapes.

Gilgit Baltistan

Turning over Shandur to Gilgit Baltistan will be nightmare to travellers. Because, there are World class tourist attractions like Hunza, Khunjerab and Skardu are the worthiest destinations for Jeep Safari and photography tours. The mighty K2 and Karakorum mountains are waiting to gaze a thirsty eye in Baltoro glacier. There are lots of tourists around the world are curious to know more and more about travelling to Pakistan. So, we always believe in ” Experience Beyond Limits” and also assist tourists to come Pakistan. This blog post ” How to Book a Tour to Pakistan?” is a guideline to get Pakistan in a very smooth way. You can book a tour to Pakistan northern areas.

We brings you easiest, secure, trusted and also transparent tour booking information via this blog post. Because, we are recommending you the best activities with sustainable and environment friendly tours.

How to Book my tour to Pakistan?
Self Drive Tour in Pakistan by Visit in Pakistan Treks, Tours & Expeditions

How to Book a Tour to Pakistan?

We will keep it very simple, straight forward and to the point.

  1. Click on this link
  2. Select your nature of Tour, Trekking, or Expedition. (If you don’t find or don’t have time, or don’t know about the area then contact directly to the Contact Us Page.
  3. Ask them to customize, advice and plan your trip as per your desired destination and holidays availability.
  4. Once you know, when and which places to travel, apply for visa to travel Pakistan.
  5. I would recommend to apply the visa at least one month earlier to your departure date.
  6. Pay your advance payment to the company for secure your booking, reservation to hotels, transport and porters where it is required. It is to avoid from rush during peak season. So, someone can easily find the best service.
  7. Do not forget to get Letter of Invitation from Visit in Pakistan Treks, Tours & Expeditions.
  8. Once you get your visa, pack your bag and study about the places where you are intended to visit.
  9. Get complete contact, alternate contact of tour agency, and your family as well to communicate.
  10. Travel to Pakistan, Enjoy the Nature, and also Get the unforgettable Experience and Experience Beyond Limits.

How much does it cost for Pakistan tour?

Obviously you need to know How much does it Cost for Trip to Pakistan. So, before you know about the cost you must know How to book a trip to Pakistan. That step by step method is above this paragraph.

There are different nature of tour in Pakistan. There are different theme of cost for each and every tour in Pakistan. To the point, we would recommend to segregate your tour nature specifically. We would recommend the following steps to know cost for Pakistan tour before Booking your tour to Pakistan.

  1. Write to government registered tour company only for your enquires and booking. It has lots of consequences that people who offer very low price, don’t have their own registered travel agency. So, they will apply your visa through another company’s letter of invitation. This will make huge consequences your tour.
  2. Convey your message with the following information to get you best price calculation.
    * Total number of people in the group
    * Total number of Days available for tour
    ** Which places you are intended to visit
    * What you are expecting during your tour, trekking and Safaris. like I want to do a 2 days short trekking during my jeep safari tour.
    * Your group member’s minimum and maximum age.
    ** Previous experience of maximum altitude of members.
    * send these information for appropriate price or cost for your tours.

Nature of Tours

There are approximate price segregation for different nature of Tours as following:

  1. Cost of Jeep Safari Tour in Pakistan:
    It usually has maximum 15-20 people each group with 4100 USD per person for 12-16 days Jeep Safari in Pakistan. However there are different prices for families of Pakistan and abroad.
  2. Cost of Trekking in Pakistan
    Trekking in Pakistan has variety of destinations and also nature as well. However it is usually charge 4800 USD per person for 16-20 days for a group of 6 members and above. This price is approximate and near to offering prices from companies.
  3. Cost of Expeditions in Pakistan
    It is better to decide the nature of Expedition earlier to get price for an expedition. That, which level you are going to book 6000m, 7000m or 8000 plus meter peaks. Or also you are intending to learn the basics of mountaineering. So, each has different price. See, choose and Contact for best price.

How can I plan my tour in Pakistan?

It is very simple, easy and secure.

  1. Choose your Tour, days, destinations by contacting here.
  2. Apply for Visa by getting an invitation letter from Visit in Pakistan travel agency.
  3. Pay your advance reservation to Visit in Pakistan Treks and Tours company.
  4. Book your flights for Pakistan.
  5. Travel Pakistan safely, and also enjoy your journey.
  6. Experience Beyond Limits.
  7. Necessary things should be with you like Passport, enough money, dresses, also cosmetics etc.

What is the best time to visit Pakistan?

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan frequently stated that ” Pakistan has 12 climatic Zones”. Though majorly we segregate Pakistan into four seasons. But further month wise you can see following.
*Spring (Spring is called Blossom as well. it is from March to May)
*Summer (Summer is from June to August)
*Autumn (Autumn is from September to November)
*Winter (Winter is from December to February).

These are majorly four seasons of Pakistan. If you want to experience Cherry Blossom you must visit in Spring season. If you wan to experience green fields, fruits and peak rush season with full of tourists then Summer is best for you. Then if you are intending to experience colorful trees, leaves, clear crystal river reflections and calm season you must choose Autumn. If you are expecting to enjoy snow, cold and acute temperature you must visit in winter. It must not forget that Trekking, Tours, Jeep Safari and Expeditions has also different nature of season required to choose wisely.

What are three types of package tours?

There are major three types of Tour Packages. One is Family tour packages. In this package, you will have family friendly destinations in Pakistan. There are also plenty of destinations which are suitable for families to travel throughout Pakistan. Group Guided Tours Package: This is tours for every age group to travel Pakistan various destination.

Trekking Tour Packages are widely offered in Pakistan, particularly in Northern Region. This package is fit for trekkers to do trekking in high altitude destinations like Machulo La K2 view point trek, fairy meadows trek, K2 base camp trek, and also five base camp trek etc.

The three types of Packages are Standard package, Luxury package and general tour package. These are further segregated into group, family and minimum or solo travelling numbers.

How can I travel to Pakistan? How to Plan my tour to Pakistan?

It is very easy, safe, secure and affordable to travel Pakistan. There are also few very easy steps to plan how can I travel to Pakistan. How to Plan my trip to Pakistan? and also How can I travel to Pakistan? The simple answers are below.

a. Find your desired tour package via visit in Pakistan website.
b. Pay your advance payment and also reserve your tour place.
c. Get Letter of Invitation from Visit in Pakistan as they are registered, trusted & also experienced travel agent.
d. Book your flight for Pakistan after visa confirmation.
e. Prepare your luggage, exercise where it is necessary and get things packed. see also trekking guide.
e. Experience Beyond Limits in Pakistan with your designated tour guide.

Pakistan Tourist Map
How to Plan my tour to Pakistan?
How to Book a Tour to Pakistan?
How to Book a Tour to Pakistan? Tourist Map of Pakistan


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