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Glimpses to Kanday Nangma Valley Trek

The Kanday Nangma Valley Trek is the go-to place for rock climbing enthusiasts in the Baltistan Region. This beautiful valley is the top choice for rock climbing in the Karakoram Baltistan. It offers various levels of climbing, from easy to challenging, suitable for climbers of all skill levels. Notable peaks in this area include the towering Amin Braq, reaching 5,850 meters, and the impressive 5,800-meter-high Incredible Towers.

To make this experience exceptional, we’ve carefully designed a program that focuses on conquering these peaks. We set up base camps in stunning green locations surrounded by towering granite rocks. Our approach is unique because it emphasizes visiting distinct destinations that allow climbers to fully enjoy the valley’s natural beauty. Kanday Nangma Valley is a prime example of the incredible beauty found in Hushe Valley, Baltistan. It’s undoubtedly one of the most beautiful trekking destinations in the region.

Next in the Way to Kanday Nangma Valley Trek

The Hushe Valley, known for its natural beauty and cultural richness, attracts travelers and trekkers. A 45-minute drive from Khaplu town northwards takes you to Machulo village, an unforgettable journey that lets you experience local culture in charming Machulo villages. The town features a grand mosque with the majestic Haldi cones in the background, adding to its charm.

Machulo town is a convenient base for accommodations and starting your journey to the Machulo La K2 viewpoint. It’s known for its accessibility, affordability, and stunning views. From this viewpoint, you can enjoy a magical and unobstructed view of K2 and all of Pakistan’s 8,000-meter peaks.

Traveling along the Hushe road, you’ll head towards Talis, Marzigond, and eventually reach Kanday, the gateway to the Kanday Nangma Valley Trek. On the opposite side of the Hushe River, you’ll find Balaygond and Khaney villages, offering trekking opportunities amidst impressive cliffs.

Kanday village has an interesting story, having faced a devastating flood that destroyed 90% of the original village. In response, residents relocated to higher ground, creating New Kanday. It’s from this new settlement that the Kanday Nangma Valley Trek begins.

These routes and destinations are truly remarkable and will leave a lasting impression on your travel experience.

Why Kanday Nangma Valley Trek is Famous?

Embarking on the Kanday Nangma Valley Trek is like starting a big adventure from charming Kanday town. It leads to the Nangma Valley, a hidden gem famous for its wild beauty and imposing rock towers. This valley is a rock climber’s paradise, surrounded by pristine meadows and clear springs.

Our plan focuses on giving you the best chances to explore, trek, and reach mountain peaks. We pick unique spots and set up base camps in green areas among tall rocks. This tradition started in 1909 when the Italian Expedition, led by the brave Amadeo Guiseepie, began their journey. The Kanday Nangma Valley Trek lets you see these wonders up close.

Amin Braq, a massive rock formation, is one of the most challenging walls on our planet, even harder than the Anonymous Pinnacle. In 1996, Jon Lazkano, a fearless Basque climber, attempted to conquer it. In 1997, Lazkano, along with Adolfo Madinabeitia and Jose Carlos Tamayo, made a daring capsule-style expedition on this formidable rock face.

Get ready for an adventure with no limits, offering you a taste of the extraordinary and the excitement of conquering nature’s grandeur.

How it Named?

In the world of mountain climbing, Akhon Ibrahim’s name is closely linked to the discovery of Amin Braq in 1995. Mr. Akhon Ibrahim, a well-known and experienced mountain tour guide, played a key role in this important expedition. The successful climb of Amin Braq in 1995 demonstrates the professionalism and dedication that defined their work. It was Mr. Jon Lazkano, who had a strong connection with Akhon Ibrahim, who gave the name “Amin Braq” in honor of Ibrahim’s son, Amin.

Following this remarkable achievement, Spanish teams made their own attempts, but it wasn’t until 1999 that Enthusiasm Masip, Miguel Puigdomenech, and Silvia Vidal made history by conquering this pristine tower. Their challenging route, called “Sol Solet” (1650 meters), required a grueling 34-day journey and is considered one of the most technically complex climbs in the world.

During the same season, a Korean team made a notable effort to climb the west face, completing 27 pitches before turning back, just 100 meters from the summit due to heavy snowfall and strong winds. Less than a month later, a Czech team consisting of Filip Silhan, Marek Holecek, and David Stastny etched their place in history by reaching the summit and naming their route “Czech Express” (5.12c A3, 70 degrees).

The west face, characterized by a series of ridges, may not be extremely steep, but it poses a formidable challenge for the most adventurous climbers. The story of Amin Braq and its conquest showcases the unyielding spirit of exploration and the relentless pursuit of excellence in mountaineering.                                                                               

Trip  Name                         Nangma Valley

Altitude                                 4000-M

Range                                    Karakoram

Location                                Kanday

Ideal Time                            May-September

Duration                               13 days

Grade                                    Easy

Zone Type                            Open

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Services Inclusion and Exclusions 


Day 01: Appearance Islamabad

On appearance, meet and help at the air terminal and afterward move to the lodging. Overnight stay in the inn in Islamabad.

Day 02: Islamabad

After breakfast, we will continue to the Service of The travel industry for instructions. In, an evening we will go for a touring visit through Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Overnight stay in the lodging in Islamabad.

Day 03: Islamabad – Skardu (Via Air)

Early morning trip to Skardu (flights are liable to climate); if incapable to fly, we will withdraw for Skardu by street with an overnight stay at Chilas.

Day 04:Skardu

In the event of flight has worked, we will go for a touring visit through Skardu, and if there should arise an occurrence of no flight, the day will be utilized for overland travel from Chilas to Skardu (absolute drive is 22 – 24 hrs from Islamabad to Skardu). Overnight stay in the inn at Skardu.

Day 05: Skardu – Machulo

115km 3 hrs drive distance from Skardu to Machulo. Height 2700m. Overnight in Lodging. The remaining spot Machulo is a town of this valley falls at second after Saling while at the same time going from Skardu. Noteworthy Mosque, Channel and road walk, waterway see the side, Mashabrum Viewpoint is a few spots to appreciate the stay at very closest distances.

Day 06: Machulo-Kanday (MINGULU BROQ)

Drive to Kandy town and start our journey. Overnight stay in Mingulu broq

Day 07: Mingulu broq – AMIN BRAQ

We will begin today through lush green fields and stream aside towards the mighty Amin Braq.

Day 08-09: journeying in the valley of Nangma

Journeying in the Nangma valley, photography, outdoors, bone fire

Day 10: Headquarters Kanday ( Machulo)

Journey Back to Kanday and afterward drive to Machulo.

Day 11: Machulo – Skardu

After breakfast, we will set out jeeps for an entire day ride on Skardu’s winding jeep street. Upon appearance, move to the inn and registration. Overnight stay in the inn at Skardu.

Day 12: Skardu – Chilas

Early morning drive to Chilas, Upon appearance, move to inn and registration. Overnight stay in the inn at Chilas.

Day 13: Chilas – Islamabad/Rawalpindi

Early morning we will leave for Islamabad, on the way see rock drawings at Shatial. Overnight stay in the inn in Islamabad.

Day 14: Islamabad – Rawalpindi

We will continue traveling in Islamabad for relaxing and shopping. Evening city visit through Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Day 15:Islamabad – Trip out.

Move to the air terminal for a trip back home—Our Service ended here.

Inclusion and exclusions are mentioned in the last of previous page. However, together we can customize with negotiations.

Kanday Nangma Valley Trek
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My Nangma Valley Trek with Visit in Pakistan Tours was an incredible adventure. The trek offered breathtaking views of the stunning Nangma Valley and the surrounding mountains, with beautiful campsite locations throughout the journey. The guides were knowledgeable and experienced, and they made sure we were comfortable and safe throughout the trek. We had the opportunity to interact with the friendly locals and learn about their unique culture and way of life. The food provided by the support staff was delicious and nutritious, and they went above and beyond to make sure our dietary requirements were met. Overall, the Nangma Valley Trek with Visit in Pakistan Tours was an amazing experience that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for an adventure in the Karakoram range. The tour company was professional and accommodating, and the entire trip was well-organized and seamless.

March 21, 2024

Thank you for making our trip more interesting. We will definitely return to you.

March 24, 2024

Thank you for making our trip more interesting. We will definitely return to you.

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