15-20 day
Gilgit Baltistan

Introduction to K2 Base Camp Trek:

We all know that K2 is the world’s second-highest peak standing at 8611m high up in the Karakorum range. K2 is located in the heart of the Karakoram Range. K2 can be seen in its full view from Concordia during the K2 base camp Trek. This trek is a lifelong awaited trek. The same region of Karakorum is home to trekkers from all around the globe. It is because of the presence of ultimate peaks here. Karakoram range is located between Pakistan and China in North and Eastern parts respectively.


To make your journey into heaven for mountaineers you start your journey from Skardu. From Skardu, you travel via 4×4 jeeps. It follows the eye-catching landscapes of Shigar valley till the last village of Askoli (3040 m ASL). Askoli an emerald-green grasslands village of Shigar valley. You will start trekking dreamland on foot from here. You will observe the beautiful glaciers to the snow-covered mountaintops with mountains like Trango towers (4396 ft of granite). In brief, this journey will not dissatisfy you altogether.
You will have the familiarity of Trekking nearby to the gigantic mountains. Mountains like Broad Peak(8047m), Chogholisa, Baltoro Kangri, Muztagh Tower, Gasherbrum V& VI, and several further on the way.

The journey to the gigantic K2 is a lifelong awaited trek. It takes you through lush green fields and snow-covered mountains with glaciers. It gives a memorable experience on its own. Trekking side by side with the mighty Baltoro Glacier. Baltoro is one of the longest glaciers outside the polar region springing 39 miles in length. It meets with the Vigne and Godwin-Austen at Concordia. Four peaks above 8000 m. sit within a radius of only 21 km. From Concordia, it is honoring this site with the largest concentration of the highest mountains on earth.

Trekking without a guide

It’s not feasible for trekkers or visitors to trek to the K2 base camp without a guide. First, there will be a government-licensed guide with you who have insights into the area. Secondly, it’s not feasible for solo trekkers due to glacial environments changing abruptly. It makes new ways every year, which only a guide knows. That is why most guides are local people. The last reason without a guide is that a solo trekker can’t reach the k2 base camp. Because it takes days of trekking. You need food and shelter, facilities which can only a licensed tour operator with the help of local porters and guides can provide.

K2 base camp trek price

The whole journey of the K2 base camp trek takes 20 days on average, I-e, Islamabad-Islamabad. The queries like how much does it cost to trek to the K2 base camp? and many more varies on the undermentioned considerations:
The more the number of people the less will be the price.
The shorter the trek, the price will be least.
The more luxurious services you desire the more will be charged and vice versa.

K2 trek distance

The 90 km of distance takes 12-15 days on average to reach the k2 base camp from the last human population of Askoli village of District Shigar. From Askoli you start your trekking for 7-8 hours per day and rest at different campsites along the way to the k2 base camp.

K2 base camp trek without a guide?

This trek without a guide is not possible because there is no hotel after the village of Askoli and it will take 8-9 days to reach the base camp.

And all these 8-9  days and return days we have to stay in tents and 3 times meals which will be provided by Visit in Pakistan.                                                                                                                     

Our experienced professional Licensed guides will provide all necessary information on arrival in Pakistan. We will take care of all the essential documentation to enter this mountain region. Our staff will, guide, cook meals, and will be carrying your luggage throughout the trek.

The trek is strenuous and demanding, but not dangerous. You need to be fully prepared for this trek, and here is some training advice for you to consider. The rewards are spectacular. You should consider this trek if you are fit and can hike long days. You will be trekking up to 7 hours per day.

K2 Base Camp Trek difficulty: 

It is the most popular trek traveling occasion for unfamiliar adventurers that visit in Pakistan tours including this exemplary Trek.

On this Trek, you won’t discover any teahouses, at this or other agreeable spots to stay. you cannot hike the K2 Base Camp Trek independently. All travelers must be accompanied by a licensed guide and company.

On this incredible journey, you will go through the majority of your evenings in a tent. There is not really any foundation in transit to this Trek and that makes this trip an undertaking for the fearless traveler. There are mountains, mountains, and mountains only waiting for you. K2 is calling you. You should go.

Things to Know before for K2 Base Camp Trek

Is the road that connects Skardu to Askole by jeep all that narrow?

Does the 7/8 hour journey take place all with narrow overhanging stretches?

We’ve already done mountain roads in extreme conditions and since I’m a little scared I’d like to know if it’s all like this.

It would be best if you were not scary. Now the road has wide enough. Hundreds of thousands of people travel each year to Baltoro K2 base camp for expeditions and trekking with 0.009 % casualty chances. Don’t worry at all. You must know, sometimes the weather makes road blockage which we need to cross, and by foot and have to change the jeep.

Does the trek have sections with narrow overhanging passages?

Only two times you need to be careful. One is very near to Jolla camp. We are (If jeeps are not allowed by weather) going to cross a small rock that has a 2-3 feet wider path there. It is about 10 minutes to walk up. It is safe.

The 2nd is while passing the Gondogoro la/pass. The climbing and descending are a little bit tricky but 8 years old children cross it. There are rescue teams who are always with us to assist. Our guide will be with you all the time to help. We will be wearing helmets, crampons, and proper gearing up to walk up and down. Don’t worry. If make this joke, you leaving adventure options nowhere.

The rest of the paths are wide, clear, easy, and beautiful to experience.

During the trekking days, what kind of height differences do you face?

It will gradually increase from Skardu, shigar, Askoli, and so on. We have a rest day at Paju campsite and Concordia. So,  you will get acclimatization better. The highest altitude will be at Gondogoro La 5500m plus.

Does Guide will be with us?

Our guide will be with you during the trek to assist, guide, navigate, and brief you about everything you need. Altitude, setting food and diet plans, daily timings, trekking techniques, the culture of Pakistan and Baltistan, politics, history, and so on.

What is unique in K2 Base Camp Trekking?

 In group trekking, we experience gaps in walking. Don’t worry, we are experienced in this. We never let people run during the trekking. Gradually, slowly and easily together we walk, smile, and eat. If even has any issues, we can accompany one of our kitchen staff with the slowest walking members. But, usually, our techniques will make it possible for everyone to walk together with ease and peace of mind.

You will be surrounded by mountains, mountains, and mountains. There, you will be trekking over dry lands, glaciers, and ice. You will be traveling on a jeep. You are crossing almost by safely climbing over Gondogoro La. There will be a gradual altitude and 5500 maximum trekking altitudes at Gondogoro La.

How many days does it take to do K2 base camp trek?

You will be landing at Islamabad airport and Day 1 starts and trek to K2 base camp. You will be departing on the 21st Day from Islamabad Airport. However, we have fixed departures with several possibilities.

Does your company have fixed departures for K2 base Camp trekking in May, June, July, August, and September?

We have fixed departures and customization possibilities as well.

We have fixed departures on the following dates from these destinations;

Departure for K2 Base Camp Trek each year on 15th May from Islamabad for 21 days.

Departure for K2 Base Camp Trek each year on 17th May from Skardu for 14 days.

Departure for K2 Base Camp Trek each year on 8th June from Islamabad for 21 Days

Departure for K2 Base Camp Trek each year on 10th June from Skardu for 14 Days

Departure for K2 Base Camp Trek each year on 1st July from Islamabad for 21 Days

Departure for K2 Base Camp Trek each year on 3rd July from Skardu for 14 days

Departure for K2 Base Camp Trek each year on 1st August from Islamabad for 21 Days

Departure for K2 Base Camp Trek each year on 3rd August from Skardu for 14 Days

Departure for K2 Base Camp Trek each year on 15 August from Islamabad for 21 Days

Departure for K2 Base Camp Trek each year on 17th August from Skardu for 14 Days

Departure for K2 Base Camp Trek each year on 1st September from Islamabad for 21 Days

Departure for K2 Base Camp Trek each year on 3rd September from Skardu for 14 Days.

What is the cost of the K2 Base Camp Trek?

We offer very friendly prices to our adventure lovers. That’s why we have designed the least possibilities of price affordability.

Fixed Departure prices for K2 base Camp Trek

15 to 20-Person Group: 1290 USD per person

10-15 Person Group: 1899 USD per person

6-10 Person Group: 2895 USD per person

4-6 Person Group: 3997 USD per Person

2-4 person Group: 4890 USD per person

2-Person Group: 5670 USD per person

Normal Service for Private Groups: 2900 USD per person

Standard Service for Private Groups: 3980 USD per person

Luxury service for private groups or couples: 56700 USD per person

What is included in these prices for K2 Base Camp Trek?

These above-all prices will be offered as per STANDARD accordingly.

-Planning, -Documentation, -Visa Assistance, -First Aid, -Trekking and all permit fees, -Porter, Guide and Kitchen Staff insurance, -Campinig, kitchen, and mess tents, -Kitchen cutlery and utencils, -Dining Chair & Table, -Charginig facility, -Food for clients and porters, -Porter, Guide & Kitchen Staff Salary, -Hotel on twin bed sharing basis, -Flight tickets of Domestci schedules, All ground Transportation, 24/7 Backup service,

What is the Ideal Time for Trek to K2 Base Camp?

The Ideal time / best time for K2 Base Camp Trek is from June to September each year.

Trip Name              K2 Base camp Trek

Altitude                                           5153-m

Range                                              Karakoram

Location                                         Baltoro Baltistan

Ideal Time                                      June-September

Duration                                         21 days

Grade                                              Hard Ideal

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Are You Looking for Additional Information?

 Travel information             Services Inclusion and Exclusions 

Day 1. Arrive at the Islamabad international airport.

Our guide will pick you up from the airport and transfer you to the hotel where you get fresh and rest. later you will be briefed by our experienced guide and mountaineers in the hotel. If you arrive in the early morning then we will provide you with a small tour of Islamabad city. Otherwise, it can be done after your return from the k2 base camp trek.

Day 2. Islamabad to Skardu.

In the next early morning, your PIA flight will carry you to Skardu and will reach there within an hour if the weather allows. If the weather condition is not feasible for flight, then you will be transferred via our luxury facility by road to Skardu. By road will take 2-3 days maximum because there will be different sightseeing spots during the journey. You will rest in Chilas halfway on day 2 then will travel to Skardu on day 3.

Day 3. One day Rest in Skardu.

We will transfer you to a luxury hotel in Skardu where you will stay and refresh. In the morning we will take you to the 600 years old Kharfocho fort, from where you will enjoy the whole Skardu city. After you will enjoy the Skardu Shangri-La Resort, Sarfaranga Cold Desert and then in the evening you will enjoy the Sadpara lake.

Day 4.  Briefing and gearing up
On day 4 there will be a briefing given by the tourism ministry of Pakistan to the foreigners and locals guides as well. That is the formality to enter the open zones of Central Karakoram National Park (CKNP). And final preparations will be made to leave for the k2 base camp trek.

Day 5. Drive to Askoli Village 3000m. 8 hours’ drive

Early in the morning, your journey starts to the last village (Askoli) before your trekking starts via a 4×4 jeep most feasible. After 6-8 hours of driving, you will reach Askoli depends on the road conditions and dependent on landslides, etc. In case of any landslide, you will have to trek for few hours to make your way to Askoli.

At Askoli there are camping sites under different trees, which we will provide you for your stay for the day. You will have time to meet the crews including the kitchen staff and the porters in the second half of the day and the locals of Askoli village. You can also have the chance to get to know about other trekkers or mountaineers from different countries waiting for the morning to witness the mighty Karakorum there at Askoli. In the night you can make your mind prepare for the upcoming breathtaking journey that starts early in the morning.

Day 6. Trek to Jhola Camp site(3100m). 7-8 hours

After marking the final checklist of the required equipment our porters will carry all the necessities with us to our campsite. We start our trek from Askoli till Korophon for our lunch by trekking alongside the Braldu river on our right side which meets with Domordo river near Jhola campsite. After lunch, we trek again to our campsite of Jhola where you will stay for the night of day 6.

Day 7.  Trek from Jhola to Pajju (3418m). 7-8 hours

In the early morning of this day, our k2 base camp trek will start following the Braldu River to Pajju campsite after 7-8 hours of trekking. You can enjoy the view of spectacular Trango Towers and Cathedral Peak. We suggest our groups follow Precautionary measures to avoid sunburn as the trek from Jhola to Pajju, the weather remains normally hot and may cause sunburn.

Day 8. Rest and Acclimatize

Today the porters prepare their necessities of food etc. for the mountainous and region of glaciers for the coming days. Our k2 base camp trekking group will adjust themselves to the mountainous and glacial environment. For that, we can provide our professional guidance and help to reach the group to the base camp of Pajju Peak, so that you will adapt to the environment. The rest of the activities at Pajju includes taking wild animal photos and refreshing yourselves and enjoying the gathering and company of other groups thereby dancing and enjoying local music.

Day 9. Pajju to Urdukas (4050m) . 7-9 hours trek.

Early in the morning, the real trekking starts as from now onwards our way will be on the glacier till Goro II. You can witness the huge mountains right and left of your journey but the things kept in mind is that of the way you are trekking on. Because the glacial path changes abruptly, therefore, you should follow the instructions of our professional guide who will always be with you.

We then stop after few hours at a small campsite called Liligo for lunch.  Within few hours we will be at our campsite Urdukas which is the last developed campsite and therefore have more facilities than other camps of litter bins and toilets etc.

The view from the campsite is just wonderful as the Cathedral peaks just opposite the campsite are stunning to view with a cup of tea.

Day 10. Urdukas to Concordia (4650-5000m) 5-7 hours.

Here at Urdukas, there are graves of porters (high altitude), hence people gather for a prayer and then early in the morning we move from Urdukas to Concordia. In our way comes mighty Mashabrum Peak (7821m) on our southern side. We move into the mountainous region on glacier northwards where campsite Ghoro II is situated. The journey will be a bit tougher because of the ups and downs of the glacial nature which changes very precipitously so precautions are mandatory while trekking is quite crucial for the group of k2 base camp trek. Here at Goro II temperature may decline dramatically but the sight of Mashabrum and Mustagh Tower (7273m) generates more energy than compulsory.

The real adventure of your trekking begins from here because you are trekking to Concordia where the huge mountains like G-II, III, and IV 8035m, 7952m, and 7925m respectively, Broad Peak (8047m) and Mitre Peak(6030m), etc. are just waiting for your eyes to open and they all welcome you in their heaven. Here the Godwin Austin glacier meets the Baltoro glacier and makes a junction, and the view of K2 is just a trek of a few minutes away from the campsite because our camp will be before the Godwin Austin glacier which opens our way to k2. We need to trek the left side for k2 base camp from Concordia early in the morning.

Day 11. Concordia to k2 Basecamp(5135m).  (5-8) hours.

In the early morning, we depart for k2 base camp by the Godwin Austin glacier for 2 hours to pass the Broad Peak base camp on our right. Then after few hours, K2 becomes bigger than us as we move more nearer to the base camp. The journey looks plain from Concordia towards K2 but the deception uncovers as we move through the ups and downs of the Godwin Austin glacier towards k2. We visit the Art Gilkey memorial of those who lost their lives on K2 whose names are mentioned on tin plates and placed on a small rock there. After lunch, we move back to Concordia campsite from the same route.

Day 12. Rest at Base Camp

Today we refresh ourselves here and enjoy the surrounding Peaks like Broad Peak and K2 itself which bring us picturesque views. Taking photos and having fun with other groups there refreshes us quite well.

Day 13. k2 Basecamp to Concordia (4650).  (3-5) hours.

In the morning we gradually descent from the basecamp to Concordia campsite from the ups and downs of Godwin Austin glacier.

Day 14. Concordia to  Urdukas. (7-9 Hours)

From Concordia, after seeing k2 for the last time we leave for Ghoro II and within few hours we will reach the campsite. This trek is much easier than before because we are descending.

The more you descended the easier the way feels as your body is fully acclimatized now. After reaching Urdukas within few hours you can trek up to the hill to see the Baltoro glacier.

Day 15. Back to Pajju. 2-5 hours

We will descend following the Braldu River like what we did while ascending and will reach Pajju within few hours very easily because the group is well acclimatized.

Day 16. Back to koro fong. 7 hours max

We will reach Koro Fong campsite following Braldo River within hours of descent.

Day 17. Koro Fong to Skardu. 10 hours max.

From Jhola to Askoli, our way encounters lush grassy lands as we are on the verge of civilization. Within few hours we will touch Askoli village.  From here we have jeep accessible road available for Skardu.

The bumpy roads of District Shigar entertain you till you meet the metal road downward the district. Leaving behind the valley we pass through Skardu Cold Desert on both sides for a few minutes. Then we are in Skardu city.

Day 18. Rest Day at Skardu.

Shangri-La Resort, Sarfaranga Desert, Kharfocho Fort, Sadpara Lake, and many other attractive sights are waiting for your appearance. Try to cover a maximum number of these places on the 20th day of our trek.

Day 19. Fly Back to Islamabad. 1 Hour.

You will be in Islamabad within one hour of the flight if the weather allows. If not then we will follow River Indus to meet KKH near Gilgit and our night stay will be at Chilas. The next morning, we leave for Islamabad via Babusar Pass. In the evening we will be in Islamabad.

Day 20. Rest day in Islamabad

Today you have options of tours of Taxila Museum and Murree, and many spots within Islamabad.

Day 21. Departure to home

Our staff will take you to the airport at the respective timing of your departure. It’s time to say Good-Bye to you all.

Note: Day 22

will be used as a ‘cushion’ day in case of delays in travel due to weather, route change, health, acclimatization issues during the trek, etc

K2 Base Camp Trek
K2 Base Camp Trek
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Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 4 reviews
November 19, 2020

A beautiful and memorable journey in Pakistan. These landscapes are just awesome. I went to K2 base camp with my friends. I was very nervous before going to Pakistan. I found visit in Pakistan team via couple of searches. Half of my fears and lots of questions got solved at first conversation with their guide. Their way of communication, management, pricing, and hosting was super easy and friendly. Our group impressed and had an amazing experience in Karakorum, Baltoro, Baltistan and on K2 base camp.
I would have enough time to stay few days at Base camp. I whish I could spend more times in Pakistan. Next time, will plan more better and have more time to stay connected with Mountains.
A must recommended trek. A must recommended tour operator to organize treks.
Best of luck

November 22, 2020

Thank you “Gracias Todos”
We loved your stay in Pakistan during K2 base camp trek. It was an honor to host your people all around from Spain. We are happy that you considered our services are up to the mark. Hope to see you again in Pakistan.
Best of Luck
Team Visit in Pakistan

August 6, 2021

Our K2 base camp trekking was one of our best experiences in Pakistan. We travelled all along the way from USA to Pakistan. The beautiful and life long trek was managed by Visit in Pakistan.
Definitely we will come back to these beautiful mountains.
These guys are highly appreciated, endorsed and trusted company to register your Trekking in Pakistan.
Best Wishes and See You again…!!!

August 26, 2022

These destinatios are really speechless and outclass. We got an opportunity to trek to K2 with visit in Pakistan. I would like to thank them for their precious plan, time and experienced guide to provide us. They make our trek more than special to us.
Our sixteen member group all along the way from USA liked and fell in love in Pakistan particularly the northern part.
Highly recommended tour agency for trekking in Pakistan.
Best wishes 🤗.

August 27, 2022

K2 base camp trekking was one of my lifelong experiences in Karakorum, Pakistan. We were a group of 18 people from different countries in Europe and western states. Our journey was organized by Visit in Pakistan Treks and Tours. The trekking was so amazing to experience once in my life. It is recommended trekking destination in Pakistan. We got really great assistance from the entire crew of Visit in Pakistan Treks, Tours, and Expeditions.
I really will come back to Pakistan with my group again and experience the Karakorum region.
Visit in Pakistan Treks and Tours is highly recommended and trusted tour agency in Pakistan for your trekking and tours assistance.

August 27, 2022

Thank You Michel. Indeed it was great experience with you all. That was lovely memories. Welcome Back to Pakistan

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