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Family Tour to Skardu Baltistan

Skardu, the administrative center of the Baltistan Division. The city is a renowned district offering a wide range of activities for your family tour. Planning a trip to Skardu with your family has never been easier. We offer family-friendly tours to Skardu Baltistan, and you’ll have various options to choose from. The great news is that you can personalize your entire tour with us. We’ve simplified the booking process to help you avoid any hassles and the rush that often comes with peak seasons.

Major Attractions of Family Tour to Skardu Baltistan

Skardu city has different world class enchanting tourist destinations to experience. Your family tours to Skardu Baltistan will be covering the following beautiful, eye catching and breathtaking tourist sites. Beside these major attractions we have to share you some other activities to do during your tour to Skardu.

  • Shangrila (Lower Kachura) and furthermore Upper Kachura Lakes
  • Soq Valley
  • Sarfa Ranga Cold Desert.
  • Katpana Cold Desert
  • Satpara Lake / Dam
  • Deosai Plains, Sheosar Lake, and also Bara Pani.
  • Kharphocho Fort
  • Blind Lake
  • Manthokha Water Fall
  • Organic Village Skardu
  • Chaqchan Mosque.
  • Khaplu Fort
  • Machulo Valley, Masherbrum View Point, K2 view point, and also Channel Walk.
  • Saling Fish Farms, Cricket Stadium
  • Thoqsi Khar.
  • Shigar Fort, Hashupi Bagh, Ancient Mosque, and in addition Shigar Polo Ground as well.
  • Chunda Valley
  • Basho Valley

Photography  during Family Tour to Skardu Baltistan

Though, every part of the region is breathtaking, but the following places are must to capture during your tour. Moreover, lets have a glance over the top rated destination to photograph during your family tour to Skardu Baltistan.

Deosai Plain Sadpara Lake Kharphocho Fort Shangrila Resort
Soq Valley Manthokha Waterfall. Basho Valley Katpana Cold Desert
Blind Lake Shigar Fort Khaplu Fort. Upper Kachura Lake
Ghwari Chaqchan Mosque Machulo La K2 viewpoint. Sarfaranga Cold Desert
Machulo Valley Bara Pani Sheosar Lake Chunda Valley

Local Food Experience

In every district, you’ll find a variety of delicious local food items. While most of them are readily available in Skardu. You can also enjoy these tasty treats in their respective districts. The best part of your family trip to Skardu is the ability to customize and choose your local food menu. These foods are completely organic and prepared in the traditional way. Take a look at what’s on offer. Your family tour to Skardu Baltistan is all set to savor the most delicious dishes.

The famous local foods during Family Tour to Skardu Baltistan are;

Bring guess Prapo Balay Khurba Azoq Zerchung Kulcha
Brofay Zaan Marzan Lxapkhur. Prapu Faymar Chuli maar Faring
Krosar Darsamik Kisir Yos Paratha Markhur. Zangkhur
Rdung Balay Tras Balay Cha Balay Khulaq Nasfay Zan. Xosfay Khulaq Shurba
Payu Cha

Famous Events during Family Tour to Skardu Baltistan

In the list of activities, there are various occasional events and things to do in Skardu, Shigar, and Khaplu. The Free Style polo events, especially during 14th August and also spring festivals are famous. The special sports festivals are also incredibly famous. However, it’s important to note that the dates and nature of these events change every year. The district administration holds the most accurate information about them.

Each festival has its designated time. So to ensure you get the chance to experience these events, we’ll work with you to create a customized plan. Therefore, when you plan your family tour to Skardu Baltistan with us, we can make sure you don’t miss out on any of these exciting occasions.

These events include Free Style Polo, Tug of War, Football, and Cricket Tournaments. The Rock Climbing, Local musical performances and much more also can experience.

The Sarfa Ranga Cold Desert Jeep Rally is one of the most famous events in Baltistan. However, it’s important to remember that this, too, is subject to the decision of the district administration.

Additionally, winter ice hockey and skating events have become popular in Baltistan. And also you’ll find these activities listed among the things to do during your tour to Baltistan.

Book Skardu Baltistan “The Dream Tour”

Allow us to customize your Skardu Baltistan tour as per your availability and budget.

Apart from that, just have an idea of tour to Skardu for six days.

Days  Day Plan Overnight Stay
01  45m Flight will allow you to Land in Skardu, a beautiful mini world. Or you can travel down from Islamabad non stop 12-14 hrs. In the evening take a round trip of Skardu City and taste the essence of land of peace and mountain. Overnight in Hotel at Skardu
02 Visit to Basho Valley and Back to Soq Valley and Kachura Lakes. (Shangrila and Upper Kachura Lakes) Hotel in Kachura
03 Visit to Deosai, Sheosar Lake, Bara Pani and Satpara Lake. Hotel in Skardu
04 Visit Kharphocho fort, Katpana Cold Desert, Sarfa ranga and Shigar fort. Hotel in Shigar
05 Visit Khaplu Fort, Machulo. Home Stay or Hotel in Khaplu
06. Visit Manthokha Water Fall and Back to Airport Skardu. Fly or Drive Back to Islamabad
Family Tour to Skardu Baltistan
Family Tour to Skardu Baltistan
Family Tour to Skardu Baltistan
Katpana Cold Desert Top Tourist Attractions in Skardu
Soq Valley Skardu
Kharphocho Fort Skardu
Things to do in Machulo Skardu Baltistan

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Yes we admire the family tour in skardu and Machulo La K2 viewpoint trek. That was easiest, shortest and economial. Thank u you Visit in Pakistan Treks and tours for organising our trip.
That was really easy and we all enjoyed a lot.


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