Things to Do in Baltistan

Baltistan is a division which consist of four districts. The land of peace and natural beauties are spectacular. We will talk about things to do in Baltistan. We would keep it Activity wise things to do in entire region.

Jeep Safari in Baltistan

There are numerous world class tourist attractions in Baltistan. You can travel in jeep safari tours to these magnificent places. Though, you can have complete itinerary and plans here. Click here

Apart from these, I would say there are all seasons (Summer, Autumn, Winter and Blossom) are feasible to do your jeep safari tour. However, summer and Autumn are more famous than Winter but Blossom is equally trending with Summer and Autumn jeep Safari Tours.

Blossom Jeep Safari Tour Autumn Jeep Safari Tour Silk Route Jeep Safari Tour

Those places are highlighted here;

Satpara Lake/ Sadpara Lake
Sheosar Lake Deosai
Things to Do in Baltistan
Deosai National Park/ Sheosar Lake, Bara Pani
Things to Do in Baltistan
Kharphocho Fort
Things to Do in Baltistan
Shangrila Resort / Lower Kachura Lake
Things to Do in Baltistan. 
Katpana Cold Desert . Tourist is ejoying.
Katpana Cold Desert
Things to Do in Baltistan
Sarfa Ranga Cold Desert

Things to Do in Baltistan
Upper Kachura Lake
Upper Kachura Lake
Things to Do in Baltistan
Basho Valley
Things to Do in Baltistan
Soq Valley Skardu
Soq Valley Skardu

Things to do in Baltistan Khaplu District

Things to do in Khaplu
Things to Do in Baltistan

We have described in details about things to do in Khaplu in this blog post. You can reach here about things to do in Khaplu. Click here. Khaplu is currently most populated district in entire province. Khaplu has variety of tourist attractions and beautiful landscapes. It has magnificent trekking opportunities and marvelous mountains. There are still lots of spots to be explore and discover even. The countless nameless mountains are the most awaiting to be recognize and witness.

Photography in Baltistan

Though, every part of the region is picturesque, but the following places are must to photograph during your tour.

Deosai PlainSadpara LakeKharphocho FortShangrila Resort
Soq ValleyManthokha WaterfallBasho ValleyKatpana Cold Desert
Blind LakeShigar FortKhaplu FortUpper Kachura Lake
GhwariChaqchan MosqueMachulo La K2 viewpointSarfaranga Cold Desert

River Rafting | Things to Do in Baltistan

River Rafting is one of the most leading and trending activity to do in the region. The list of activities in Baltistan is not complete without doing river rafting. This activity has several categories. The one is very professional but there are for general tourists as well. The itinerary for River Rafting is here. Click here

Horse Riding

There are multiple destinations where you all can ride horse. The guided horse riding and Photography with horse riding are in demand in Cold Desert, Katpana Cold Desert, Deosai and Saling Khaplu. You can do horse riding during your tour to these places.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching is a unique way of tour activity. This is becoming in mainstream by the current era. There are hundreds of thousands of species of birds in the region. You can watch various birds in different seasons. The list and details of the bird watching activity can read here. Click here.

Boating and Surfing

There are almost every lake offering Boating and minor surfing activities in Baltistan. The most popular boating destinations are Shangrila resort, upper Kachura lake, Blind Lake, Sogha Lake and Saling fish farm.

Local Food Experience

Each district has variety of local delicious food items. These food items are available mostly in Skardu however you can experience these in respective districts as well.

The famous local foods in Baltistan are:

Bring guess PrapoBalayKhurbaAzoqZerchungKulcha
Brofay ZaanMarzanLxapkhurPrapuFaymarChuli maarFaring
Rdung BalayTras BalayCha BalayKhulaqNasfay ZanXosfay KhulaqShurba
Payu ChaDaarba

Bike Tour

You can rent bikes for the desired days to travel around the region. There are multiple places around the region where you can take bike. It is obvious that there are more accessible roads for bikes as compared to jeeps. For more information you can click here.

Fishing in Baltistan

Fishing is very famous in the list of activities in Baltistan. Deosai, Sheosar Lake, Bara Pani, Kachura Lake, Soq Valley, Indus river, Shyok River, Saling Fish Farm, Barah Fish Point, and also Sogha Lake are the best destinations to do Fishing.

Famous Events in Baltistan

There are various occasional events in the list of activities. Free Style polo in Shigar, Skardu and Khaplu are very famous during 14th August, Spring festivals and special sports festivals. District administration has final and accurate information for these events as they changes every year it’s date and nature of festival.

Free Style Polo, Tug of War, Football and Cricket Tournaments, Rock Climbing events, Local musical events, and much more.

Sarfa Ranga Cold Desert Jeep Rally is one of the famous events in Baltistan. But this is again subject to District administration decision.

Winter ice hokey and skating Event are trending events in Baltistan. These activities are listed in things to do in Baltistan.

Do not forget to travel and experience Baltistan. If you want to say something, you can comment us or contact through the following sources.

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