Mountain Expedition in Pakistan

The world has fourteen peaks which are above 8000m from sea level. The highest is Mount Everest. The world 2nd highest mountain is in Pakistan and that is K2 (8611m). These mountain Expedition in Pakistan are vital to experience with Visit in Pakistan Treks, Tours & Expeditions.

K2 has accompanied with other four mountains which are above 8000m. Those are in Pakistan also. The list and categories are longer and wider to explain. So, we have divided into three major categories of Mountain Expedition in Pakistan according to the height of the mountain.

There are three major categories in Mountain Expedition in Pakistan. Those three major categories are differentiated by Visit in Pakistan Treks, Tours & Expeditions. Mountain Expedition in Pakistan has the following three major categories.

a. 6000m Plus Mountains for Expeditions in Pakistan

b. 7000m Plus Mountains for Adventure in Pakistan

c. 8000m Plus Mountain Adventure in Pakistan.

6000m Plus Mountains for Adventure in Pakistan

The list of 6000m plus mountains are numerous in number. We have segregated these all mountains beautifully with it’s height in meters, destinations, zones, requirements and every details you required. You can find that in our Easy and Secure Terms, List of Mountains, Trekking Tips for Beginners.  However, the list majorly highlights Amin Braq, K6, K7 and other beautiful mountains in Karakorum. Adventure in Pakistan will never complete without counting these 6000m plus peaks.

7000m Plus Mountains Adventure in Pakistan

There are various peaks in Pakistan which are above 7000m. Those mountain expeditions are comparatively difficult than 6000m. However these are easier than the next phase of mountain adventure in Pakistan.

8000m Plus Mountains

Nanga Parbat, K2, G-I,II and Broad Peak mountains are the five which are above 8000m. These Mountain adventure in Pakistan list gives any adventure lover the best happiness to count all in one frame.

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At 8,047m above sea level, Broad peak is the twelfth highest mountain on the planet. It frames part of the Gasherbrum Massif and is about 8km away from K2.
Its first ascent was in 1957, and the first climb in winter was uniquely in 2013.

It is located on the border of Pakistan and China and has been summited ten times less than Mount Everest, and is adjacent to K2. This 52-day expedition provides some of the best of the views in the Karakorum.


Gasherbrum Expedition Pakistan


This mountain was Surveyed as K5 and is also known as Hidden Peak. It is the 11th Highest mountain on the planet and structures part of the Gasherbrum Massif. It stands at 8,080m above sea level and is situated on the China-Pakistan border. It was first summited in 1958 by Americans were the first to reach its the Autumn of 1958. It was first climbed by A. Kaufman and P. Schoening in 1958.


50 Days
Gilgit Baltistan
Gasherbrum II Expedition Pakistan
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Gasherbrum II, surveyed as K4, is the world’s thirteenth highest mountain and the third most elevated top in the Gasherbrum Massif. It stands at 8,035m above sea level, making it the shortest of the eight-thousanders in the Karakoram Mountains.                                 Gasherbrum II lies at the head of the Baltoro Glacier amongst the greatest concentration of high mountains in the world. It was first climbed by S. Larche, F.Moravee, and H. Willenpart in 1956. This shining mountain is generally considered the easiest of the eight thousand meter peaks. The Austrians were the first to make its summit back in 1956.

60-65 Days
Gilgit Baltistan


Climbing k2 i is considered to be one of the top mountaineering adventures in the world

50-60 Days
Gilgit Baltistan
K6 Peak Expedition


K6 Peak Expedition is one of the spectacular rock and ice mixed peak.  It’s located in Hushe valley. The base camp for K6 has an easy access which takes only 3 days from Skardu. It would be the best option for those who have limited time schedule and fond of ice climbing as well as rock at a time.

30-35 Days
Gilgit Baltistan
Laila Peak Expedition


The Laila Peak its distinctive spear-like shape sticking out in the sky has attracted trekkers passing by. Laila Peak expedition provides a unique Karakoram range climbing experience. Laila Peak Expedition costs USD 2390 per person. Registrations are now open. Visit in Pakistan Treks, Tours & Expeditions is Pakistan’s leading mountain adventure company. Book Now! Laila Peak in Hushe Valley near Gondogoro Glacier is in Karakoram range and is 6,096 meters (20,000 ft) high. It has a distinctive spear-like shape.

20-30 Day
Gilgit Baltistan
Minglik Sar Peak Expedition


Manglik Sar is a Mountain Located at Shimshal Valley in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. The mountain, located in the Karakoram and southernmost part of Pamir mountain ranges, is 6050meters high. It was 1st climbed in 1988 by the famous Pakistani Climber Nazir Sabir. It is a non-technical snow Peak, the required equipment consists of cramps and Ice axe for the last part, The slopes are rather steep, from 30 to 35degrees.

15-20 Days
Gilgit Baltistan
Nanga Parbat Expedition Pakistan


Nanga Parbat is the second highest mountain of Pakistan and ninth in the world. It has a nick name; Killer Mountain. Nanga Parbat (main peak) has a height of 8126 meters/26,660 ft. It has three vast faces. The Rakhiot (Ra Kot) face is dominated by the north and south silver crags and silver plateau.

40-50 Days
Gilgit Baltistan
Paju Peak Expedition


Paju Peak is the wonderful Mountain among the Karakoram. Though it is very much easy to climb comparatively others. But, this peak has tried to summit by very few expedition teams. The campsite is named Paju. Paju is a Balti word which use for Salt. Due to the salty land, it has been named PAJU.

30-35 Days
Gilgit Baltistan
Rakaposhi Expedition


Rakaposhi Expedition is an Epic Adventure. This is also a mountain in the Karakoram mountain range in Pakistan. It is located in Nagar Valley Nagar Located and Danyore and Bagrote valley roughly 100 km north of the capital city Gilgit of the Gilgit–Baltistan region of Pakistan. Because, Rakaposhi signifies “Snow Covered” in the nearby language.

30-40 Day
Gilgit Baltistan
Trango Tower Expedition Pakistan


Trango Towers are a family of Solid rock towers in Baltistsan region of Pakistan.

15-20 day
Gilgit Baltistan