Visit Lake SaifUl Malook Short Guide
Lake Saiful Malook

Pakistan has blessed with many tourist destinations. Visit Lake Saiful Malook Short Guide is one of the beautiful lakes of Pakistan. This Vlog will show you how to get Saif Ul Malook from a new dimension. Lake is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Saiful Malook or Saiful Muluk is located at northern end of Kaghan-Naran Valley. This lake is located at elevation of 3224m above sea level. The lake is one of the highest lakes of Pakistan and located above the tree line.

Lake Saif Ul Malook Vlog


Visit Lake Saiful Malook Short Guide has some clear information to Visit Lake Saiful Malook. It has surrounded with Mountains, glacer, hills and flows pure glacial water in Naran stream. You can access to this lake by driving 6 hrs from Islamabad to Naran and 40 minuets drive from Naran Bazar to Lake . You can book private 4×4 Willy’s jeep from Naran Bazar to go Lake.

The local passenger based booking available which gets 6-7 people in a vehicle. They departs from Naran Bazar bridge after every half-hour. The fare is very reasonable to travel. In June 2022 fare was 400 per person. Six thousand rupees for booking the jeep. There are good quality hotels and restaurants are available in Naran Bazar with reasonable price.

Visit Lake Saif Ul Malook View Point || Short Guide

We always try to show you magnificent places around the world. This Vlog will has to show you a new and interesting view point of Lake. This is a Unique Trek and view point to Visit Lake Saiful Malook. It is a short and interesting Trek. We can see 360 panoramic view of Naran, Babusar Top, Malka e Parbat, Naran Bazar, Kaghan, and Kashmir Mountains from the top.

It is very interesting to see and walk over snow in June-July at the top of this view point. This is 2.5 Hours trek to reach at the top hill of Naran & Jheel Saif Ul Malook. 1.5 Hours to descend to Naran Bazar by pass. The entire trek has lush green organically beautiful flowers, insects, animals and pastures. There are habitants and shepherds on both sides of the trek. I recommend traveling in Jeep. Trek from Lake to Naran. You will Enjoy it.

Short Guide

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Visit SaifUl Malook Vlog

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