30-40 Day
Gilgit Baltistan

Rakaposhi: An Epic Adventure

Rakaposhi Expedition is an Epic Adventure. This is also a mountain in the Karakoram mountain range in Pakistan. It is located in Nagar Valley Nagar Located and Danyore and Bagrote valley roughly 100 km north of the capital city Gilgit of the Gilgit–Baltistan region of Pakistan. Because, Rakaposhi signifies “Snow Covered” in the nearby language.

It is otherwise called Dumani (“Mother of mist “). Rakaposhi Expedition is positioned 27th most noteworthy on the planet and twelfth most elevated in Pakistan. But also, it is more well known for its excellence than its rank may recommend. Rakaposhi has a continuous vertical ascent of around 6000 m (19,685 feet), making it the tallest mountain estimated from the base to the top. Mountain Expedition is adventurous in Karakorum Pakistan.

Popularity of Rakaposhi Expedition

Rakaposhi was first moving in 1958 by Mike Banks and Tom Patey. Those were individuals from an English Pakistani undertaking, through the Southwest Spike/Edge course. The two of them endured minor frostbite during the climb to the highest point. Another climber slipped and fell on the plummet and passed on during the evening.

The mountain, similarly as lovely as both her names, presents well obvious from the Karakorum Roadway. It’s outline overwhelming the Hunza Valley, West of K2 in Pakistan. Because, in Peak a reputed blog, Faisal, from Lahore expresses, “Rakaposhi Expedition is a Taj Mahal of Day off. Once on the off chance that you see it, You need to see it once more.”
The world’s longest edge also the primary Rakaposhi highest point. Because, in 1958 by Mike banks and Tom Patey, individuals from a solid English group was considered as the most troublesome trips.

Rakaposhi Expedition is a fine mountain any way you climb it. Yet there’s a last unclimbed challenge: Directly on the Shining divider, Rakaposhi offers the longest edge on the planet. Ascending 3000 vertical meters (10,000 ft) and running 9 km (5,6 miles) in length.
Once in a while endeavored, the Rakaposhi  New edge remains unclimbed. The most recent genuine endeavor occurred in August 2001, by a gifted French group. Later Wajidulah Nagri nailed it in 2021. Wajid said ” Mountain Expedition is an expensive sports to play”.

Rakaposhi and Human Beings

The individuals: Manu Pellissier, Manu Fellow, Ildi Kiss, Isabelle Transporter, and Jawed Ali intended to endeavor the edge in high style, going through around seven days on the mountain. Because, Rakaposhi Expedition is an Epic Adventure.
They likewise thought about setting one camp in the lower segment of the edge . They thought, moving in semi-elevated style. As they needed to conquer a vertical pinnacle directly toward the start of the trip. Once on the edge, get away from alternatives were scant and indistinct.

The climbers didn’t even know whether, in the wake of summiting. They would move back following their own means, or by the contrary side of the mountain. An unclimbed edge in a potential whiteout or a tempest was a portion of the troubles and surprising. Mountain Expedition is a good sport.
On August 17 they set their BC at 3200m. Before they stood 4500 vertical meters of edge up to the culmination of Rakaposhi Expedition . The primary 3000m were on stone, for certain patches of a day off the need of help moving at certain focuses. At that point came a compliment segment in any case, among it and the culmination raised the most troublesome section: a sheer vertical stone divider, 700m high.

Name Of trip: Rakaposhi Expedition is an Epic Adventure
Height                                               7788-M
Positioned                                        27th on the planet
Base camp height                           3888-M
Region                                              Karakorum-Hunza Nagar
Duration                                          41 Days
Best Period                                      June to August

Sports Type:                                  Mountain Expedition

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Cruise By: Islamabad Worldwide Airport Most of the global flights shows up at the Islamabad Global Air terminal in the mornings. Your Guide will meet and welcome you at the air terminal, at that point you will be a move to the inn. The rest of the days is allowed to recuperate from your excursion. Later in the day, when everybody has shown up, we will have a gathering instructions about the Rakaposhi Endeavor.

At night preparation at Elevated Club of Pakistan. Overnight in the lodging.


Drive for Chilas utilizing Babusar Top, Kaghan Valley, lodging at Chilas.


After breakfast, you will proceed with your Excursion along the Indus and Hunza Stream to Minapin. The landscape and perspective on Nanga Parbat in transit from KKH is staggering. In transit, the street slowly climbs roughly every 10-km contrast of 100m. You will appreciate a marvelous perspective on mount Rakaposhi (7788m) having numerous habitats and towns around its lower regions, with its snow crown changing tone with light. The course is flourished with terraced fields, especially apricot, apple, and pecan trees all things considered fabulous either in bloom or during harvest time. Minapin is a little, comfortable town and the beginning stage for both Rakaposhi and Diran headquarters.

Term: 7 hours

Day 4: Journey TO TAGAFARI

Stop At: Minapin

The trip begins from the town alongside a waterway under concealed trees 15 minutes towards the Minapin Stream. The path transforms south into the gulch and gets a footbridge over the stream’s actual left bank following 10 minutes. The path proceeds through the juniper trees to a green layered knoll of Hapakun. From the knoll of Hapakun, you can have a perspective on Hachindar and Main tops over the Hunza stream. A lofty path proceeds from Hapakun to Tagaphari.The trail dials down and forms the rough incline for 30 minutes to a verdant bowl where wildflowers and beautiful larks flourish. Moving delicately through the glade, the path enters dispersed juniper stands and climbs curves to the breezy edge top, where Diran, Rakaposhi, and their interconnecting ice divider at long last come into full view.

Length: 4 hours

Day 5: Trip TO Headquarters

Stop At: Rakaposhi View Point, Rposhi Hunza valley, Ghulmet 15650 Pakistan

From Tagaphari to Rakaposhi Headquarters is an awesome walk, you will walk 3 hours ashore and right around 3 hours to cross Minapin icy mass and reach the foot of Diran (7270m). From Diran Headquarters, journeying south-east up the removal valley towards the rough twist (4040m) in the Icy mass carries you to where the course to Camp I moves into the Ice sheet, close underneath Diran. You can appreciate the perspective on a few tops around you.

Term: 4 hours

Day 6: Acclimatization AND CLIMBING PERIOD DAY 6 – 38

Non guided ascension will begin from today onwards. During the climbing time frame, our staff will be at headquarters to help and help you. Our expert Culinary specialist will make delectable and most nutritious food which we accept that it assumes an incredible job in ascending mountains

Day 39: Journey TO MINAPIN

journey down to minapin and move to inn overnight stay there

Trm: 7 hours


Drive too chilas from Nagar utilizing Karakoram Interstate, overnight stay at chilas

Term: 7 hours


Karakoram Expressway, Naran kaghan valley Hassanabdal, Hazara motorway

Term: 10 hours

Day 45: Takeoff DAY


No suppers remembered for this day.

No convenience remembered for this day.

Rakaposhi Expedition
Rakaposhi Expedition
Rakaposhi Expedition
Rakaposhi Expedition
Rakaposhi and Diran peak Trekking

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