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If you’ve touched down in Skardu with some days to spare and you’re itching to explore, consider the one-day trek to Hombroq – an absolute gem renowned for its unique vantage point. This quick expedition offers a shorter but equally thrilling path to catch a glimpse of K2, the mighty mountain. However, be sure to acclimate yourself to the temperature and altitude, as both play a vital role during this trek. One Day Trek to Hombroq : Easiest Way to See K2 and other peaks in a glance.

Karakorum boasts a magnificent array of mountains, each bearing illustrious names. Yet, tucked away in the Karakorum’s treasure trove are some hidden jewels – Karakorum 1 (K1) standing at 7,826 meters and the mighty K2 soaring at 8,611 meters. If you find yourself pondering a short one-day trek, all it takes is a sip of coffee on the balcony of your Skardu hotel. Once your bag is packed and you’ve checked out, set your course towards the heart of the North. The one-day trek to Hombroq promises a fantastic adventure, brimming with discoveries.

A Day of Exploration at Hombroq – Unveiling Mysteries

Many peaks remain nameless, a true enigma for ardent mountain enthusiasts, patiently awaiting discovery by the wandering eye. The entire Karakorum region extends a warm welcome to all types of travelers, but it’s worth noting that the weather here can be capricious, so come well-prepared. For those whose hearts belong to nature and yearn for the majesty of mountains, this is your sanctuary. The lineup includes the likes of K1, K2, K6, K7, and Laila Peak, standing shoulder to shoulder.

A scenic two-hour drive brings you to Khaplu, which serves as the launchpad for the next leg of your journey. After a brief tea break, embark on another two-hour drive that will lead you to Saling RCC bridge. This is where you’ll make a left turn and cross the bridge, steering clear of the straight path. After around 10-15 minutes of driving, your jeep will veer right, and you’ll proceed along the unpaved road of Saling village. You’re now on the cusp of commencing your one-day trek to Hombroq.

Upon leaving Saling Forest on your right and driving a bit further, you’ll reach the entrance to Machulo village. This marks the beginning of the metalled road, which continues all the way to Hushe. This leg of your journey spans approximately two hours and will lead you to the last human settlement in Pakistan, Hushe, where eight communities, including Saling, call home.

A Daylong Itinerary to Hombroq: Easiest Way to See K2

8:00 A.M – Start your journey from Skardu Airport, and by afternoon, you’ll have reached Hushe. Spend the night at a hotel in Hushe or set up camp in the upper region of Hushe. You’re now just a stone’s throw away from embarking on your one-day trek to Hombroq.

Day 1 – Kickstart your trek from Hushe Village, and after a five to six-hour hike, you’ll arrive at Hombroq. Here, you’ll be treated to striking views of K2 and Cigerate Peak. Spend two hours in this captivating setting before retracing your steps to Hushe Village.

By 2:00 P.M., you’ll be back in Hushe village, where you’ll embark on a four-hour drive back to your hotel. The evening promises a relaxing hot bath, marking the successful completion of your one-day trek to Hombroq.

Cheers! One Day Trek to Hombroq : Easiest Way to See K2

But the adventure doesn’t have to end here. There are plenty of other captivating, easier, and shorter trekking options to explore, such as:

a. Machulo La Trek

b. Marsur Rock Trek

c. Thalay La Trek

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One Day Trek to Hombroq-K2-viewpoint-trek
One Day Trek to Hombroq-K2-viewpoint-trek
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August 29, 2018

Hunbroq is one the best trek to experience to see K2 and other peaks. Wild Life and to experience nature closely. We had an amazing time there for two days with the visit in Pakistan tours. Thank you for giving such an incredible experience to us.

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