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Marsur Rock Trek Introduction

Marsur Rock Trek in Hussainabad was first discovered by local photographers while capturing the picturesque landscape of the Hussainabad mountains. Hussainabad, situated just after Skardu en route to Khaplu, serves as the starting point for this exhilarating trek. The journey commences with a scenic drive up a winding road on the upper side of the town, followed by an hour-long hike through lush greenery. Subsequently, you’ll encounter a steeper trail, taking around an hour to conquer. As you continue, the path gradually levels out, leading you to a unique and extensive sloping stone.

In 2018, Marsur Rock garnered significant attention when local photographers noted its uncanny resemblance to the famous Trolltunga in Norway. Trolltunga is a rock formation perched horizontally at an altitude of approximately 1,100 meters in Vestland county, Norway. This cliff dramatically extends out from the mountain, hovering about 700 meters above the northern side of Lake Ringedalsvatnet.

The resemblance between Marsur Rock and Trolltunga is truly remarkable. Both rocks share strikingly similar shapes and are nearly identical in size. The panoramic view from and around the rock is nothing short of spectacular, encompassing the Indus River, Skardu City, Hussainabad, the Cold Desert, and Kharphocho Forts, all within a single frame.

Marsur Rock Trek in Hussainabad

This trek can be comfortably completed within a single day, starting early in the morning from Skardu and concluding by nightfall back in Skardu. Its relative ease is attributed to the fact that nearly 40% of the distance can be covered by car or jeep, leaving around 60% of the trek to be explored on foot.

To begin your journey, you can pick up a jeep in Skardu, Shigar, or Khaplu, depending on your location. Upon arriving in Hussainabad, you’ll find a road leading up the mountainside right in the middle of the town. Proceed up this road, leaving behind the local population after a 10-minute drive. The road ascends with numerous zigzags, eventually leading you to the Marsur Rock Trekking area, which is approximately a three-hour trek from the end of this drive.

A stopover just before a bridge reveals a flowing spring, the primary water source for the entire town of Hussainabad. The shepherds, their simple way of life, and unique but age-old farming practices offer picturesque views to savor.

Now, it’s time to start your trek. Make sure you’ve packed water bottles, sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, trekking poles, a cap, and comfortable, well-fitting trekking shoes.

Cross the bridge and commence your uphill trek alongside the stream. During the peak of summer, you may encounter some obstacles along the path, but by October, the route should be more navigable. In either case, having a guide with you is essential to avoid any mishaps.

After one hour, you’ll find yourself in a lush, grassy area, and it’s time to take a left onto a steep trail. There will be two paths to choose from; opt for the second one, not the first.

Another hour of trekking will take you through dry, rocky terrain as you ascend to a higher point. Here, you’ll need to be cautious as the altitude begins to affect your pace. Walk slowly and carefully.

Once you’ve reached a higher point and you need to turn left again, but this time, it’s a straightforward descent towards the end of the hill.

Time Frame

You have one more hour to go to reach Marsur Rock. The straight left path you’ve been following for an hour will lead you to your final destination.

Note: Exercise caution when taking photographs, especially during snowy or rainy seasons. There is no mobile signal for approximately three to four hours, so plan your communication accordingly. The return journey to the last corner of Hussainabad town will take a minimum of one hour.

In summary, you’ll spend two hours on the round trip, four hours in total on the trek, and then return to your starting point, having experienced this beautiful trek.

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Marsur Rock Trek Hussainabad
Skardu view from Marsur Rock Hussainabad Trek
Landscape of Marsur Rock Trek Hussainabad
Three in a Frame at Marsur Rock Hussainabad
Marsur Rock Trek Hussainabad
Marsur Rock Trek Hussainabad
Marsur Rock Trek Hussainabad

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July 20, 2020

My wife and I had an amazing experience on the Marsur Rock Hussainabad Trek with Visit in Pakistan Treks and Tours in July 2020. The trek offered breathtaking views of the stunning Marsur Rock formation and the surrounding valleys and mountains. The guides were knowledgeable and experienced, and they made sure we were comfortable and safe throughout the trek. We had the opportunity to interact with the friendly locals and learn about their unique culture and way of life. The campsite locations were beautiful, and the food provided by the support staff was delicious and nutritious. Overall, the Marsur Rock Hussainabad Trek with Visit in Pakistan Treks and Tours was an incredible experience that we will never forget.

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