12 Day
Gilgit Baltistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, Sindh

Discover Pakistan’s World-Class Heritage Sites on a Cultural Tour

Experience the magic of Pakistan’s world-class heritage sites, recognized by UNESCO, and immerse yourself in the rich culture they have shaped. This 12-day “Explore Pakistan’s Heritage on a Cultural Tour” is a voyage through 5000 years of history, offering you not only a glimpse of breathtaking landscapes but also the chance to connect with its warm-hearted people, known for their warm welcomes and unmatched hospitality.

Our Highlights:

  1. Archaeological Ruins at Mohenjo-Daro: Step into the ancient past and explore the remnants of an extraordinary civilization.
  2. Historical Monuments at Makli and Thatta: Embark on a historical adventure at Makli and Thatta, where centuries-old architecture tells stories of bygone eras.
  3. Bahawalpur City of Nawabs: Experience the regal charm of Bahawalpur, a city known for its royal history.
  4. Multan City: Famous for religious tourism, Multan is a city rich in history and spirituality.
  5. Lahore City: Explore the Badshah Mosque and Shahi Qilla in Lahore, where history meets modernity.
  6. Taxila: Delve into the past at Taxila’s museum and heritage sites.
  7. Islamabad: Visit iconic landmarks like Faisal Mosque, Pakistan Monument, and Monal in the capital city.
  8. Rohtas Fort: Discover the grandeur of Rohtas Fort, a testament to ancient engineering.
  9. Lahore’s Fort and Shalamar Gardens: Immerse yourself in the beauty of Lahore’s historical sites.
  10. Buddhist Ruins of Takht-i-Bahi in Peshawar: Journey to the heart of Buddhist heritage in Peshawar.

Quick Information:

  • Duration: 12 Days
  • Group Size: Minimum 2, Maximum 20
  • Tour Type: Guided Group Tour
  • Title of Tour: Explore Pakistan’s Heritage on a Cultural Tour

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Dates1st Aprail-December

D-1: Arrive Karachi

Welcome to the city of light..! Arrival at the Karachi airport there we receive you and transferred to hotel. Don’t worry, we are there before your flight land to Karachi.

D-2: Tour in Karachi, Thatha and back to Karachi

We lead our World-Class Heritage Tour of the Indus Valley with a trip to the National Museum. It host an inspiring assortment of residues from Indus Valley Civilization and the Gandhara historical time. Later, we take a tour to the Historical Monuments at Makli, Thatta. The archaeological site of Thatta and the cemetery of Makli appear in an exceptional way to the evolution of Sindh from the 14-18th centuries. This site reserves, in a state of extraordinary honor, and executing monumental complex. The remnants of the city, cover a distance of about 12 kilometers.

D-3: Tour to Sukkur, Mohenjo-Daro Drive to Sukkur

After reaching to Sukkur, we continue to the archaeological site of Mohenjo-Daro, the most antique and best conserved urban ruin on the Indian subcontinent. Middle of the Indus Civilization, this is 5,000-years old city is the ancient appearance of urbanization in South-Asia. Mohenjo-Daro is an enormous site collected of a stupa bank that rises in the western sector of Indus. The stupa mound, built on an immense stage of mud brick, is composed of the ruins of numerous main structures: Great Bath, Great Granary, College Square and Pillared Hall, as well as a number of private homes. We also visit the Moenjodaro Museum, before getting back to Sukkur city.

D-4: Sukkur, Bhong and Drive to Bahawalpur

Our tour in Sukkur, the largest human settlement in interior Sindh which extend on a beautiful rural Sindh towards Lower Punjab where we will reach to Bhong. Bahawalpur is the 11th largest city in Pakistan by population. Abbasi Nawabs family ruled over Bahawalpur until 1955. This city has rich tourist attractions like Noor Mahal, Darbar Mahal, Derawar Fort, Tomb of Bibi Jawindi, Lal Suhanra National Park, SS World Park, Head Panjanad and Abbasi Jamia Masjid Qila Derawar.


D-5: Drive from Bahawalpur to Multan

Our beautiful journey to Multan (The City of Saints) via bank of the Chenab River creates a memorable tour. Multan is Pakistan’s 7th Largest city and is the major cultural and economic centre of Punjab. Multan’s history is more interesting and have sufism scents of knowledge. This city has earned the name of “City of Saints”. There is large number of Sufi Shrines located in the city. Though it has rich sufism culture and diverse heritage sites but also famous for delicious Sohan Halwa, Multani embroidery and unsual lampshades.


D-6: Drive from Multan to Harappa and Lahore


Our journey from Multan to Harappa continues and we have Harappan Civilization. This civilization located in the Indus River valley. This civilization has two largest cities and one of them (Mohenjo-Daro in Sindh) we had visited and now we are in Harappa city of Punjab. Harappans created sculpture, seals, jewelry, poetry and materials such as terracotta, metal and stone. As a result, the Ganges valley settlement gained vigilant and Ganges cities developed.


D-7: Lahore City

Our journey stops in Lahore and let’s grab this golden opportunity to explore Lahore City. Lahore is the capital city of Punjab province located in north-east of Pakistan. This is second largest city of Pakistan after Karachi. This is interesting fact that this city is 18th largest city in the world. Lahore home to Pakistan’s film industry, Lollywood and is a major center of Qawwali music. This city hosts much of Pakistan’s tourist industry with major attractions including the Walled City, the famous Badshahi and Wazir Khan Mosques and Sikh Shrines. Lahore Museum’s royal red-brick building is the combination of the old ritual of Mughal architecture. It stands out among the constructions built in Lahore during the British period (1849-1947). This building is home to the country’s largest and first-born assortment of ancient, national and creative objects. Its collections of Gandhara sculpture, small paintings, rare manuscripts and old coins are known throughout the world. The Sikhism Gallery is well-known and has scattered at wider display inside of the museum. The ancient times of Sikhism and modernization of Sikh community also depicts in the Museum through artistic mastery.

D-8: Drive from Lahore city to Rohtas Fort and Rawalpindi


We unwilingly departing Lahore city and moving to Rohtas Fort. This is a 16th Century fortress located near the city of Jehlum in Punjab. This was built by Raja Todar Mal on the orders of Sher Shah Suri. The fort was also devised to overpower the local Gakhar tribes of Potohar region. This fort is about 4 km in circumference and the first example of the successful combination of Pashtun and Hindu architecure in the Indian subcontinent. This called also Rohtas: Arduous Fort of Sher Shah Suri. We could enjoy our lunch at the open area of world class heritage fort before travel to Rawalpindi.

D-9: Drive from Rawalpindi to Taxila, back to Islamabad

Our journey spent a glorious night at Rawalpindi and now it’s time to wake up and move for Taxila. Taxila is a significant archaeological site in the modern city of the same name in Punjab. It is famous for ruins of multiple settlements, the earliest dating from around 1000 BCE. It is also known for its collection of Buddhist religious monuments, including the Dharmarajika Stupa, the Jaulian monastery and the Mohra Muradu monastery. Taxila Museum is home to a significant and comprehensive collection of Ganharan art dating from the 1st to the 7th centuries CE. There are most objects in the collection which excavated from the ruins of ancient Taxila.

The evening in the green city  and Capital of Pakistan will allow us to enjoy the architecture of great Faisal Mosque and overnight stay in Hotel.


D-10: Drive to Takht-e-Bahi and Peshawar city

Our journey moves to the last edge of memories. Last but not the least Takht e Bahi “Throne of the water Spring” is an Indo-Parthian archaeological site of ancient Buddhist monastery in Mardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. This site is well-thought-out among the most impressive remnants of Buddhism in all of Gandhara and has been remarkably well well-looked-after. This was listed as UNESCO world Heritage site in 1980.

D-11: Peshawar city Exploration

Let’s have taste of Peshawar city food, fantastic view and warm welcoming beautiful people hospitality.

D-12: Depart from Peshawar

World Class Heritage Cultural Tour of Pakistan
World Class Heritage Cultural Tour of Pakistan
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We recently had the incredible opportunity to embark on the Cultural Tour of Pakistan offered by VisitinPakistan.com, and it was truly a remarkable experience. From the moment we arrived, we were captivated by the rich history, vibrant traditions, and warm hospitality of the Pakistani people. The tour was expertly designed to showcase the country’s diverse cultural heritage, taking us to magnificent archaeological sites, bustling bazaars, and awe-inspiring mosques. Our knowledgeable guide provided fascinating insights into the local customs, art, and cuisine, ensuring an immersive and educational journey. Moreover, the accommodations were comfortable, and the transportation was well-organized, allowing us to relax and fully enjoy each destination. This cultural tour of Pakistan exceeded all my expectations, and we highly recommend it to anyone seeking an unforgettable adventure filled with beauty, cultural discovery, and the warmest of welcomes.

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