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Embark on the Apricot and Cherry Blossom Tour in Spring offered by Visit in Pakistan Treks & Tours. Discover the enchanting cities of Skardu, Hunza, and Khaplu during the breathtaking spring blossom season. This tour is at its finest from the last week of March through April, marking the start of the tourism season. As spring awakens, the tour invites you to witness lush green terraced fields surrounded by blooming trees. All set against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains. The sights and scents of this tour will overwhelm you as you explore the northern wonders of Pakistan along the Karakoram Highway and off the beaten path.

Major Attractions of Apricot and Cherry Blossom Tour in Spring

Our tour promises unforgettable memories, offering exceptional value for your investment. You’ll be professionally guided to a multitude of world-class attractions, including:

  • Karakoram Highway
  • Baltistan Highway
  • Upper and Lower Kachura
  • Skardu City
  • Cold Desert
  • Kharphocho Fort
  • Kachura Valley
  • Gwari Organic Photography Spot
  • Khaplu Valley
  • Barah Valley
  • Hushe Valley
  • Machulo Village
  • Khaplu Fort
  • 700-Year-Old Mosque
  • Shigar District and Deserts
  • Gilgit City
  • Hunza Karimabad
  • Altit & Baltit Forts
  • Eagle Nest Viewpoint
  • Rakaposhi
  • Minapin Nagar
  • Atabad Lake
  • Hussaini Suspension Bridge
  • Passu Cones
  • Borith Lake
  • Khunjerab Pass – Pakistan-China Border
  • Phander Valley Ghizer
  • Naltar Valley
  • Lady Finger
  • Passu Glacier
  • Nanga Parbat
  • Diran Peak
  • Ultar Peaks
  • Golden Peak
  • Mashabrum (K-1)
  • Haldi Cones

Our Apricot and Cherry Blossom Tour

Travelers from around the world seeking luxury tourist destinations and jeep safaris will find Pakistan, especially Gilgit Baltistan, to be a perfect match. Our Blossom Tour in Spring offers flexible scheduling options for experiencing the spring blossom beauty of Gilgit Baltistan.

Guided Group Tour | Apricot and Cherry Blossom Tour

We specialize in organizing tours for friends, family groups, individuals, organizations, universities, and companies. Our multiple departures eagerly await your participation. We recommend March and April for experiencing the beautiful Apricot and Cherry Blossom Tour in Spring, and Visit in Pakistan has expertly curated this tour for you.

Honeymoon Special Tour:

Gilgit Baltistan is blessed with world-class tourist destinations, making it ideal for a honeymoon trip. Apricot and Cherry Blossom Tour offers the perfect romantic getaway, with attractions like Shangrila Resort, Upper Kachura Lake, Soq Valley, Katpana, and Sarfa Ranga Cold Deserts creating cherished memories against the backdrop of mountains and lush greenery.

Tailor-Made Apricot and Cherry Blossom Tour in Spring

Contact us to save your resources with our tailor-made tour options. Leave a FREE message on WhatsApp or Email, and Visit in Pakistan Treks & Tours will design the perfect plan for you. We offer the best places with impeccable timing for Apricot and Cherry Blossom Tour, along with top-notch transportation and accommodation. Your entire tour will be facilitated, making the Apricot Cherry Blossom Tour your ideal choice for travel.

24/7 Support:

Our dedicated team will support your entire tour, ensuring your privacy and comfort. Our services include value for money, expert guides, reliable transportation, flight bookings, and rescue services. You’re in safe hands to travel and enjoy. We can also provide a complete itinerary and route map upon request.

Budget-Friendly Tour:

All our tours are budget-friendly, never compromising on your comfort with low-quality service. We proudly serve all types of travelers, including VIPs, businessmen, corporate sectors, and regular clients. We offer budget-friendly options that cater to every traveler’s needs, making the Apricot Cherry Blossom Tour a prime example of our commitment to you.

We Value Your Journey:

At VIP Tours, we respect your unique way of traveling and offer economical tours for all travelers. We encourage dedicated explorers and aim to celebrate the joy of travel with everyone visiting Pakistan. Our services provide flexibility and acceptance to all, welcoming you to Pakistan.

Booking is One Click Away:

Book your Apricot Cherry Blossom Tour with us today! Reach out to us via WhatsApp, email, or speak directly to our tour guide. We offer an easy booking process with secure payment options, requiring only a 50% advance payment to confirm your reservations.

Get Honored by Traveling with Us:

Traveling with Visit in Pakistan gives you the opportunity to be honored by local communities. Support education for vulnerable communities through our contribution project by covering a girl’s entire year of tuition fees for only $100 USD annually.

Join us for an extraordinary adventure that combines the beauty of cherry blossoms with the wonders of Pakistan’s natural landscapes. Don’t miss your chance to explore this hidden gem in the world of adventure travel!

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Apricot and Cherry Blossom Tour in Spring
Apricot and Cherry Blossom Tour in Spring
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March 19, 2023

There are colors everywhere in the world. Believe me, Gilgit Baltistan is one of the best destinations to experience the Apricot Cherry Blossom Tour. Everything is matching, the river, flowers, mountains, people and atmosphere, and everything.
Thank You team Visit in Pakistan for making this tour happen to our lives. We are always grateful to you.

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